Saturday, January 22, 2011

Watarirouka Hashiritai7 fills your sweet tooth

The PV for Watarirouka Hashiritai 7's new single, Valentine Kiss, was just released. This si the first, and most likely only, PV with 7 members instead of 5.

After being utterly impressed with the radio rip, I've been really excited to see the PV. And I am happy to say that it hasn't disappointed. The PV is really simple, but because it's Watarirouka Hashiritai it's really adorable. The PV itself is just the girls working in a factory making Valentine chocolates. Of course with the standard dance and close-ups. But because the song is about love there are some adorable close-ups of each member. It makes for one of the cutest idol PVs in a while.
What I am sad about is Misaki is supposed to be an amazing singer. So I watched the PV to see when she sang and she got one lines and a few on babys. So I'll have to wait to hear her voice. XD
I'm not really sure why they need a conductor or operator.
Or cogs for that matter.
It looks so weird for them to dance in front of the cogs. Also I hate the fabric of their outfits. It's actual costume fabric! :/
And it suddenly makes sense. They're making chocolate hearts, of course. XD
Mayu is super adorable.
The dance is pretty simple and a little weird looking at points.
At least you know it's made with love. That's just a horrible pun. XD
I love the pink background. XD
I hate how they shove Mika and Misaki together because they were recently added.
Aika looks adorable with this hair.
I'm not sure why people always flip out when idols eat. A lot of fans must have food fetishes. Lol.
Cute. But I still think Natsumi is weird looking. XD
Ayaka is really pretty. But her contacts give her this almost creepy look.
Lame dance move.
I don't like the whole working at the factory aspect.
They focus too much on the chocolate as well. :/
Gosh, I love Mayu.
I never noticed but Misaki is really pretty. However, I can't say the same for Mika. XD
Ok, this part is actually really cute.
I love their decorated chocolates. Haruka's is the prettiest though.
This is like the perfect ending.