Thursday, May 29, 2008


Hello hello and welcome to Janakya Mottainai. My very own Jpop/Jmusic blog. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. This is my first attempt at a blog so bear with me. I've always wanted to share my thoughts on Japanese music but had no one that would listen and actually care. XD So Janakya Mottainai was born! This blog is a look at Japanese music through the eyes of an average 16 year old girl. And it's going to be mostly about Hello!Project with other Jpop and Jrock thrown in for good measure. I'll probably have my share of fangirl moments but that won't happen often. If I can help it. XD I also hope my age doesn't turn people away because age shouldn't really matter when writing a blog. Right? No, it shouldn't. So since I'm pretty much a blogging n00b, my page will change a lot until I figured what I want exactly. So my next post will actually be my first entry. So look forward to it. :D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I set up this section so anyone who wants/needs to contact me can.
You can contact me by emailing me at
Or you can message me on Hello-online, my username is Aim_Aim.

However, this is my personal email account. So if you want me to actually read your email you should have the word blog/blogger somewhere in the subject. Ie: blog question, blog affiliation, blog linking, etc. I ignore emails from people I don't know 9/10 times, so if you don't mention something about blogging don't take my lack of response personal.

Affiliates/Blog Linking:

If you want to be an affiliate with my blog or be linked on my blog just send me an email with the following information:

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It's as simple as that. I will most likely accept any blog that wants to trade links. As long as they have something to do with Japanese music in some way.

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About JM:

I basically started Janakya Mottainai on a whim. I've been listening to Japanese music for years, but I didn't have anyone to directly talk about Jmusic with. When I started listening to Jmusic I was a complete Jrock purist. Listening to only a handful of Jpop artists, and very little H!P. But over the years my Jrock obsession was put on the back burner to focus on my new H!P obsession.

As I started following H!P more closely, and joined H!P forums, I started to develop lots of opinions about the music/girls. I wanted a place to talk about what I thought of the music, and get out all my fangirlish feelings. However, when I started JM I had every intention of making this a Jpop blog. But my love for H!P kind of ruined that. I found myself more focused on H!P, and only posted other Jpop related news every once in a blue moon.

I guess that makes my blog kind of all over the place at times. I eventually want to move away from just writing about H!P. I really want to turn this blog into a full on idol blog, covering everything from JE to AKB48. So let's see if that actually happens.

About AimxAim:

I'm the writer of this blog Amy, or more commonly known on the internet as Aim Aim. I don't really know exactly what I'm supposed to write here. I'm pretty much just an average person who happens to love Japan and Japanese music. Aside from Japanese music I love all foreign music in general. I listen to music in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.

In my free time I like to spend endless hours on the computer, write, listen to music, watch movies, sing, and go out with friends. I'm also in the process of teaching myself to speak German and Japanese, as well as trying to learn the overall pronunciation of Chinese and Korean.

If you care more about my personal life you can read my personal blog Daily Dose of Amy.

And just for fun here's a picture of me. :]