Saturday, September 26, 2009

S/mileage's 2nd single preview


We have a preview of S/mileage's new song, Asu wa DEETO na no ni Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai, or the song song with the obnoxiously long title, from the Egg's concert. It only sounds like it's a preview for half the song. But it's better than the 10 second preview of it we got a few weeks back.

I think the song sounds really cute. But I'm not instantly sold on it like I was with aMa no Jaku. I'll probably like it more once I listen to it a few more times. But as for right now it just sounds ok. I also hate the parts where the hold out the kikitai and de. It just sounds weird cause the whole tempo changes at that part.
And the line distribution is exactly the same. Yuuka and Saki lead it, while Kanon and Ayaka sing the least. Which kind of annoys me because Kanon and Yuuka sang lead Shugo Chara Egg. It makes me feel jipped out of Kanon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye would never be enough Koharu


Morning Musume's 7th generation member Koharu Kusumi will be graduating from Morning Musume and Hello!Project. Her graduation concert will be held on December 6th. You can read Tsunku's comment here or Koha's comment here. She will also be graduation to pursue a modeling career.

Someone please tell me I'm in some sort of H!P related nightmare. That I'll wake up and all the groups will be back to 7 nin and 9 nin. Sadly that's never going to happen. One of my favorite, if not my favorite, member of Hello!Project is leaving. Koharu is the reason I even like Morning Musume or H!P. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be a H!P fangirl at all.

If I was crying when Kanna left, I'm bawling now. When I first heard this news I thought it was some rumor of joke by a Koharu hater. But after I saw the official announcement it sunk in. But even now I can't really fathom her leaving. Morning Musume is going to be so empty now. Everyone else seems boring compared to her. You got Reina who's arrogant, Sayumi who's narcissistic, Ai and Mittsi who are boring most of the time. At least LinLin has that weird and fun personality.

And I can't be the only one who didn't expect this to happen. And not because graduations are always unexpected, but because she shouldn't be the member leaving. I've thought for a while about who should leave, and I came to the conclusion that it should be Sayumi. She's been there a while and contributes nothing vocally to the group. So she was the perfect choice. I never thought in a million years it would be Koha. Especially since she's really popular, and she's releasing her new photobook Sugar Doll.

But on to happier thoughts. I loved Koharu for her hyperactive and always entertaining personality. Out of all of the girls she seemed to have the most fun with everything, and never really took things too seriously. She always showed her own personality no matter what.

Over the years the years there has been a lot of Koharu hate out there, mostly because she's not the best singer in the entire world. I think Koharu got a lot more hate then she deserved. I actually really love her singing voice, her Morning Musume voice and her "Kirarin Revolution voice." Which by the way, I never thought there was a difference. She might have lip synched, but she did work to get better.

It is very bittersweet for Koharu to leave. But it's even worse to stop supporting her just because she's leaving. I hope she does great as a model. Maybe she'll become famous over here. Hopefully she'll open her own blog at least. Who knows. But no matter what happens Koharu will always be Miracle-chan to me.

This is the first video I ever watched about Koharu Kusumi. I watched this clip before I even knew she was in Morning Musume. I just wanted to know everything about her. I was happy that the first thing I knew about her was she liked dried apricots.

A cute clip with Koharu's limited English.

I love this performance of Odore Morning Curry. Koha sings her solo line weird.

And in honor of Koharu here are some Koharu songs I covered. I suck at singing so you're being warned.


Sansan GOGO:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Morning Musume's Kimagure Princess preview


The preview for Morning Musume's 41st single, Kimagure Princess was released. And I'm really surprised by how much I like it. It's completely different from Nanchatte Renai. They should have had Dance*Man make music for them again a lot sooner than this. I was really getting tired of all their sad and slow paced songs lately. Let's hope they continue to release upbeat songs like this.

I especially like the beginning of the songs. It sounds really energetic. I'm not really sure who is singing that part though. I know it's definitely Eri. But I'm not sure of the rest. It might be Sayumi thrown in there. I'll have to wait for the PV to find out though.
As much as I like the song the line distribution is the same as usual. Only Ai, Risa, Reina, and Eri get solo lines. But I am happy that Eri gets to sing a lot in this song. Her voice sounds really great in it. Nanchatte Renai had decent line distribution so I was hoping for something better in this song. If they combined Nanchatte Renai's line distribution and Kimagure Princess's music the song would be instant win for me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Top 10 H!P PVs of all time

Kishikio suggested that I should make a top 10 for my favorite H!P vidoes of all time. Since I've never done any type of ranking before, I thought this would be fun.
There are so many PVs to chose from, I had an extremely difficult time picking just 10. I probably had enough videos to make a top 30 or more.
But here's my top 10 in no particular order.

10. Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto - Shinging Itoshiki Anata

Most people might disagree with putting this video in the top 10 because the video itself is pretty simple. But I absolutely love the 50's theme the song and video has. I think the dresses they are wearing are really pretty too, especially Miki's and KonKon's. The best parts of this video are the black and white movie scenes. My favorite one is Mai's UFO movie. Overall I think this video has a really cute and nostalgic theme. And I think it might be the only time where shiny silver paper hanging in the background doesn't look cheap.

9. W - Robo Kiss

I think Robo Kiss might be one of the most creative H!P PVs of all time. I think this PV really showed W's fun and vibrant personality. It even fits the lyrics of the song in an odd way. And W manages to be super adorable in perfect unison.
There's a lot of cute scenes in this video. Where they're controlling their robot selves and even training their robot to fight each other. But I don't think the Aibon robot's power of love would be very effective against the Nono robot's karate moves. You can even spot young Berryz Koubou dancing in the background.
But more importantly, who wouldn't want an invasion of hundreds of Nonos and Aibons running around? W as a group was just utter win for me. I really miss them.

8. Fujimoto Miki - Boogie Train '03

I really like this PV is hyper and overly happy, like most H!P videos should be. She even dances while brushing her teeth. I also love that the kids in the video seem to be frightened by everything thing she does. I also love toward the end of the video everything she does speeds up for some reason. But hands down my favorite part of the video is when she dances on top of the table. She also looks the cutest during those scenes. I also love at the end they have to clean up the Miki's confetti hurricane.
I think I would have liked Miki a lot more if she stayed this sweet and happy when she joined Morning Musume.

7. Pucchi Moni - Pittari Shitai Xmas

This is definitely my favorite holiday themed H!P vidoes. This one is the most Christmasy. I think they look cute in their flannel pajamas hanging stockings. I also love how the Christmas room itself is decorated. The scenes with the cartoon background are my favorite. Even though lifting weights and reporting the weather have nothing to do with the song. I like that this video has a lot of things going on, and they look like they were having fun while filming it.

6. Mini Moni - Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi ~Oboechaina Series~

Even though it's a song about memorizing capitals I think it had a cute PV. However, the guy on the loud speaker annoyed me so much. I'd like to see a school try and lock you in until you memorize your capitals. XD I like the video so much because of Mini Moni's overall craziness.
I love that scnes where they dress up to represent what that part of Japan is famous for. I especially loved Tsuji's mustache part. You've also gotta love the scenes where they fly over Japan on giant ink brushes.

5. Morning Musume - Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

Of course Mr. Moonlight had to be on this list. Is there anyone who doesn't like this video? What's better than Momusu reversing roles and being romantically linked to each other? Even though it mainly follows Mako and Yossie. But you get to see the rest of the girls pine for Yossie, Maki, and Nacchi's attention. The PV is also really great because it had a decent budget, so there's a lot going on in the video. They even have full band in the background. Again I love this video because of it's nostalgic theme. And at one point they even wear Sgt. Pepper looking outfits. My favorite part of video is when Maki snaps her fingers and flowers appear. I think that looks pretty cool for some reason.

4. Berryz Koubou - Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai!

I think this PV is absolutely adorable. It's really crazy to see Berryz so young in this PVed compared to how they look now. Some of them haven't changed much though.
Anyway, what makes this PV really cute is the "are you celeb or not?" parts. You get to see Berryz in different outfits doing a lot of cute poses. I also think the dance is really cute, but I never really got why they were wearing gloves and knee pads. My favorite part of the PV is when everyone makes a fighting pose in the pool. XD

3. Abe Natsumi - The Stress

Even though most of Nacchi's videos are boring I have to admit I really like this one. I love the scenes where they have her dealing with stressful things. Like stacks of paperwork and lots of phone calls. I also really like the nighttime theme of the videos. I love the part where she dances with the sax players next to colorful lights. The PV is pretty simple but still fun to watch.

2. Happy 7 - Shiawase Beam! Suki Suki Beam

I think this PV is really entertaining to watch. I love that it mostly revolves around theme playing themselves in an arcade game. I think the PV has a lot of cute scenes. Like the dance itself, the dance involves a lot of jumping, heart signs, and overall cuteness. I also think Aibon dominates the PV. She has the best solo scenes out of all the girls. My favorite part of the PV is when they slide down the year Mario like flagpole.

1. Aya Matsuura - Yeah! Meccha Holiday

I think back in the day Ayaya used to make the best H!P PVs of all time, so it was hard to pick just one. This PV is so weird and crazy that I love it! I just love how energetic Aya is through the whole video. I also love that you can see her Momoiro Kataomoi peaches on the ground in the video. But I'm not really sure what the duplicate Aya wearing Chinese clothe sis all about. XD
The entire video is full of the weird expressions Aya always makes. It's also filled with cute scenes of her trying to beat the summer heat. I especially love when she jumps into the pool.
Though the dance scenes are my favorite part of the PV. She looks the cutest and most hyper during the dance.

As you can tell from my top ten, I tend to like the cuter H!P PVs. I also like the videos that have a lot of things going on. Lately a lot of H!P PVs have been on the boring side. Berryz and Buono seem to be the only groups that are making interesting videos anymore. Which is another reason why my top 10 H!P videos of all time are older PVs. H!P really has to start making videos like this again. I don't know if I can sit through another Nanchatte Renai or Bye Bye Bye.