Sunday, January 16, 2011

Akari to leave Momoiro Clover in April

Momoiro Clover's sub-leader Hayami Akari announced at a concert today that she will be leaving the group in April. Her reason for leaving was that she feels there's a better path for her than being an idol. She also said that the decision was completely hers. And that she felt like an unnecessary person within the group.

This came as quite a shock to me. Momiro Clover is a relatively new idol goup. They've only been on a major label for a year. This is also shocking because I always really liked Akari. I don't really know too much about MomoClo because they hardly ever get subbed. But Akari always stood out to me for having a cool character.
It's also surprising because honestly if any member was to leave I was sure it would be Reni. Reni obviously can't take the pressure of being an idol that's always in the spotlight. And because of it she is completely unhealthy and almost deadly skinny.


Neko said...

She left because of a lot of bad comments left by anti-fans.
I'm sorry to send You this link, but it says the reason of why she left is because of anti0fans. I just thought you might want to read. BTW that blog isn't mine..

AimxAim said...

Thank you for the link. :] But I follow Pure Idol Heart and have read that already. XD
Us fans will never 100% know for sure if it was really just anti-fans, because Akari hasn't come out and said that. But if in fact is just anti-fans, that is absolutely horrible. :(