Sunday, January 2, 2011

Johnny's Countdown 2010-2011

Personally for me 2 things have to happen for it to really feel like the New Year. 1. I have to watch Dick Clark ring in the New Year in Time's Square. And 2. I have to watch the Johnny's Countdown.

The Johnny's New Year Countdowns are probably my favorite JE concerts of all. Mostly because this is the only time when all the JE artists get together and perform. It's pretty much the closest JE gets to H!P Winter and Summer Concerts. And Johnny's Countdown is the best place to hear Johnny's groups and songs I've never heard before and probably would never listen to on my own. If it wasn't for the Countdown I probably would have never heard of Hey! Say! JUMP to begin with. (But that's only because I was a new JE fan, but still the Countdown helped.) The only thing I hate about the Countdown is Nishikido Ryo joins Kanjani8 in Osaka for their Countdown concert. Which doesn't even make sense he was in NEWS first. And because of that if I ever had the chance to go to the Johnny's Countdown concert, I probably wouldn't go. My absolute favorite JE idol isn't even there, and I don't like Kanjani8 nearly enough to go to their concert. But, I digress.

I never really pay attention to the older Johnny's groups. Mostly because I don't listen to them. But I was really surprised by how much I liked V6's Music for the People.

I gotta admit Kanjani8's concerts always look fun.

I hate that it had to be NYC and Hey! Say! JUMP, and they only got like 1:30. But whatever, I'll be waiting for next Countdown when 9/10 of JUMP will be 18 and will actually be able to perform after midnight.
And I absolutely hate their outfits. I doubt there's anyone out there that actually likes them. But this is JE we're talking about, their outfits could be 100% worse. XD

Every group is singing their debut single, so why did NEWS sing NEWS Nippon? That was only a promo single and Kibou ~Yell~ was their actual debut. I don't know stuff like that annoys me.

Look how great Koki looks. I was really afraid he would have stupid hair because he had ugly hair at Music Station Super Live.

Whoo Happy New Year! I'm such a loser even though it's the New Year already I was still counting down along. XD
I can't stand that Uchi is part of the Countdown yet again like nothing happened. Yet Kusano is sitting around doing nothing!

Having Kisumai members part of the Johnny's Shuffle Medley makes it pretty obvious they are going to debut soon. No other Junior group is part of it.

Kame looks gorgeous here.

I think this might be the first time bird faced Uchi actually looks kinda hot. By the way, this is an amazing cover of Arashi's Truth.

I actually don't really mind that Arashi is at the Countdown via satellite. There seem to be a few people who do. But it's no different that Kanjani8 and Tackey being there via satellite as well.

I think it's impossible for Nino to get any cuter. And lolz at MatsuJun.

I had no idea Arashi performed on top of a building. There's actually really awesome. XD

Whoa Massu's hair is so red I actually, for a split second, thought he was Hongki from FT Island. O_O

I don't know whether it's annoying or cute that Koki messes with his hair every 5 seconds.

By the way he looks banging in that outfit.

Kei-chan looks so cute.

I'm not even sure what to say about Kanjani8 dressed as sushi. ._.

My initial reaction to this was, "why are they riding on giant boobs." Of course I quickly realized it's a giant rabbit. XD
Absolutely adorable!

Why is all of JUMP in the stands. BEST is old enough to participate. Unless Johnny thinks it's unfair or something to not let them all in. If that's the case it will be another 3 years before HSJ takes part in the Countdown, which would be extremely unfair.

I am so happy Tackey sang Ai Kakumei because I love this song!

God I just love NEWS.

I'm really surprised by how well Kanjani8's Keep The Faith sounded. Especially since they kinda ruined Arashi's One Love last year. XD

Adorable. But I don't get why turning 24 is such a big deal. And I had no idea the guy from Kisumai was so old. Geez 23 and still haven't debuted yet.

Part 1: (Which starts at 37 minutes in.)

Click here to watch

Part 2:

Click here to watch

Part 3:

Click here to watch


katyami said...

Hey! Haha I don't know how (okay well I do, through Google) but I stumbled upon your entry here. Nice overview of the Countdown! I'd comment but I'm totally just procrastinating catching up on homework I didn't do over the winter holidays, so I'll just say one thing -- about the turning 24. It's a 'big deal' because it's their year of the Chinese zodiac (which the Japanese also use). Two cycles ago they were born in the year of the rabbit.. so yeah. This year is the rabbit again. Hence all the bunnies (those DID look like boobs LOL).

Anonymous said...

Ryo is your favorite Johnnys idol? Then you should know that he was in kanjani8 first. It's cool to know a little bit about the history of an idol you like so much :)

AimxAim said...

@Katyami: Hey. :]
Lol. It seems like a lot of people stumble across my blog through google.
Glad you like the overview. <3 Lol I procrastinate all the time. This Countdown post was procrastinated. XD
Ohhh ok. Well, that makes sense now. I knew it was the year of the rabbit, because they said usagi a few time and were wearing bunny ears. >< I just didn't know that they were born in the year of the rabbit. I don't know the Chinese Zodiac cycles like that. I know I'm year of the monkey, what my family is, and that's about it. XD

(They totally did. Haha. XD)

@Anonymous said: Well, so he was. It actually makes more sense now for him to be with Kanjani8 over NEWS. XD I obviously had no idea. I said Ryo was my favorite idol, I didn't claim to know every single thing about JE. (Or even Ryo for that matter.) Because I honestly only know minimal history of each group. It was an honest mistake. And as a human I'm prone to mistakes. And will probably make about 100 more small mistakes this year. XD But thanks for correcting me/filling me in. Even if it did sound more condescending than helpful. :/

ΡΆ said...

hey... thanks for the overview of the countdown. I watched it online as well, but I only payed my attention to KAT-TUN so I Google to see if I miss anything... so that's how I found your blog.
oh yes... Ryo was in kanjani8 first... but NEWS debuted earlier than kanjani8... there was a very funny interview where 2 members of kanjani8 talked about how ryo kept his involvement in NEWS a secret at first...
about the 24 year old junior who haven't debuted yet, I feel sorry for him... I hope all the jr will get their chance to debut (ABCZ, Kis-my-ft2, insert ridiculous name here).

Happy New Year.

AimxAim said...

You're welcome for the overview. :]
When I watched I only really payed attention to NEWS, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, and Kanjani8 a little.
Yeah I just found out that Kanjani8 was before NEWS. Since they debuted after I just assumed they were formed after. But you know what they say about assuming. XD
I also hope Kisumai and other Junior groups will debut too. It seems like Kisumai will. But I don't think really older Juniors groups like Question? ever will. :/

Happy New Year to you too. :]

Lila said...

Hi!! Stumbled across your blog after looking through a couple other H!P blogs :) I've actually been reading it for a while, but it's my first time commenting (I really should comment more often considering this is one of my favorite blogs to read). This was a really good review of the countdown, this was my first year seeing it as a JE fan so it was nice to find another JE fan do a review for it (heh and the bunnies really did look a little like breasts)!! It also helped that your a Nishikido Ryo fan, he's one of my favs too!!! But Poor Uchi gets no love lol! Just wanted to say you have a really nice blog here and your opinions on alot of happenings in the Jpop world are really interesting to read! Anyways hope you continue posting cause its a great blog :) oh and Happy New Year!! it's a bit late but it is a post for a countdown so I figure it's okay :P

AimxAim said...

Hey. :] Thanks so much. I am really happy that you enjoy reading my blog. I always love hearing feedback from my readers. And you should totally comment more often. I love getting comments and answer ever single one of them. <3

Glad you liked the review. This is actually my 3rd countdown as a JE fan. I always love watching the Countdown, so I figured I might as well review it. And there aren't really that many people that review the Countdown. (Or JE stuff in general. I can't really find any blogs that review JE. :/)
(And yes they totally looked like boobs. I wonder if it was intentional? Lol.)
Awesome. I'm a pretty big Ryo fan. Nishikido Ryo and Tanaka Koki are probably my favorite JE idols. <3 Uchi doesn't really need love, he's at the Countdown and Kusano's not. XD

Well thanks so much for the compliment. :] And of course I will continue to post here. As long as there is idol music I'll post here. Lol.
Happy New Year to you too! <3