Sunday, November 30, 2008

Iida Kaori's son passes away


Former first gen member of Morning Musume, Iida Kaori's son has passed away at just 6 months old. Though the information was released yesterday, he died on July 27, 2008 due to renal failure.

This is a truly tough time in Iida's life. She is a very strong woman to be able to have this information revealed to the masses. My deepest condolences go out to her. I do hope she tries to have another child again because I am sure she would make a great mom. She said she is going to remain positive for her son and is going to return working. I wish her the best in life.

On you can read translated blog entries of Yaguchi Mari, Nakazawa Yuko, and others for their statments on such a tragic event.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

NEWS-Color review


NEWS's 3rd full length album Color was released on November 19th. So here's my review of the CD. This is my first CD review so I hope it's good. >_< color="#006600">

Track 1: Weeek
I'm sure just about every NEWS /Jpop fan has heard this song before, since it was the first single of the album. This is actually the first song I heard by NEWS so it remains one of my favorite songs by them. Aside from that, this song is very upbeat and happy. The lyrics don't really go deeper than surviving each day. But the song is really catchy and really fun. And it was number one on the Oricon for 3 weeks or so.

Final rating: 8/10

Track 2: Stardust
At first listen this song doesn't immediately blow me away. The song is a little generic and forgettable. But the lyrics are pretty, but no one's voice really stands out. The singing seems bland and boring. Only in the upbeat chorus does it sound like they really tried. This song is good but you shouldn't go out of your way to listen to it. This song lies somewhere in the middle.

Final rating: 6/10

Track 3: Summertime
NEWS's 2nd single from on this album. I was defiantly in love with this when this single came out. Mostly because it put me in that fun loving summer mood. But now that it's no longer summer the song kinda lost the spark that made it appealing. I'm sure I'll listen to it nonstop in the summer, but the rest of the year not so much. And the lyrics are cute. Who doesn't want a summer love? And the KoyaShige rap is the best part.

Final rating: 7/10

Track 4: Snow Express
I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this to have an official release. Snow Express is defiantly a fan favorite song, and unlike Summertime the song is listen able in all seasons. Because the song is just that good. And Tegoshi's and Yamapi's voices are heart melting in this song.

Final rating: 9/10

Track 5: Forever
This song is very soft and sweet. I can see fangirls going crazy over this song in concert. It's so cute, wanting to be with someone forever. Because a future without them has no meaning at all. I always fall for New's love songs cause they are usually so sweet. Also a good chunk of this song is in English. And no surprise TegoMass's English is the best. It looks like the English version of Miso Soup paid off. As for Yamapi let's just say he's needs to brush up on his English skills.

Final rating: 9/10

Track 6: MOLA
Yamapi's solo song! *faints and dies* This song is sung ENTIRELY in English and all I can say is wow. The lyrics are a bit much. Here are some of the lyrics. "Taste me like you used to I'm ready now" "We're gettin' deeper & deeper I'm outta control" "I'll make you wanna shout just like oh ooo oh ooo" The also used some techno effect over his voice so you can hear how bad his English is. Much like how Kyo, from Dir en grey, would scream every song or line that was in English. And I laughed a bit when Yamapi said shorty and booty. XD

Fangirl Rating: 10/10

Track 7: Kesenai
Tegoshi solo song? Or Tegoshi featuring Ryo and Shige. I can't really tell if this song is truly a solo song with Ryo and Shige randomly stuck in for backup/harmonies. Or it's legitimately supposed to be all 3 of their song but Tegoshi just gets to sing practically the whole song. Like it was in Ai Nante. Either way this song is boring and far too slow for my taste. I can't stand ballads for the most part. Tegoshi always picks terrible solo songs, if this is even a solo song. XD Even the lyrics are boring. And it's kinda creepy to keep someone's message on your answering machine.

Final rating: 4/10

Track 8:Ordinary
Ryo solo song! Words can't describe how much I love Ryo. >_< His voice sounds great in this song. But I'm afraid this song is a bit ordinary. I love the background music to it, it's very danceable. But the song it's self falls a little flat. Though the lyrics are so sweet. The lyrics vaguely remind me of Alice Nine's White Prayer. "Adding color to this boring today" reminds me of "That the world which was dyed grey isn't real" that's kind of similar. Just a little bit. But because it's Ryo he gets extra point. :]
Final rating: 8/10 if someone else sang it 5/10

Track 9:Minna ga Iru Sekai wo Hitotsu Ai wo Motto Give & Take Shimashou
This is the upbeat kinda NEWS song I love. The background music makes it sound like it could be the opening theme to an anime. And at first listen the vocal effects to the chorus surprised me a little, coming off as weird. And Keii's vocals sounds weird as a whole in this song. I really love how Massu sounds in it. And the first time in a NEWS song Yamapi's vocals in this song are completely over looked as being the best. The lyrics are mediocre but I still love this song.

Final rating: 8/10

Track 10:Mura Risuto
Another KoyaShige song! I love how their songs are always perverted. First it was looking up a skirt and now it's looking down a shirt. This song is so perverted and hilarious. And in some odd way I love it! Just like I couldn't stop listening to Chirarizumu when I first heard it. Haha. But I wonder what could be the follow up to this song?

Final rating: 9/10

Track 11:Taiyou no Namida
NEWS 's 3rd single on this album. I always really liked this song because it was slow but still upbeat. And the lyrics were meaningful and trying to be deep. Overall there's not much else to say about this song. The vocals are good and the songs good. But of course it was, it was a single after all.

Final rating: 7/10

Track 12:Smile Maker
I always love when Yamapi raps because he sounds cute and is the best member at rapping. I'm not sure if I like that the whole song is like rap singing. But I am also pleasantly surprised at how ever one else's rapping sounds. Because at their Tokyo Dome concert some of them sounded terrible rapping. As for this song Shige actually sounds the best. I think the song is very inspiring. Keep a smile on your face in tough times.

Final rating: 7/10

Track 13:Happy Birthday
NEWS 's 4th and most recent single off this album. I've been addicted to this song since it came out. I just love the way the song is sung. And the chorus is amazing. The lyrics are very cute. I love how in News song they sing it as if they are singing just to you. And it feels that way in this song. And Ryo starts and ends the song that alone is awesome enough.

Final rating: 8/10

Track 14:Fly Again The final track on the regular edition album. This song is too boring again. Shouldn't they have tried to go out with a bang? This time it has nothing to do with the fact that it's kinda slow. The music just sounds flat. And the singing is mediocre. But the lyrics of this song are inspiring too. But this song just doesn't do anything for more. This song too is forgettable.

Final rating: 5/10

Track 15: The final track on the limited edition album. How bittersweet. And yet this song is slow too. I don't understand ending an album with a slow song. Ballads don't keep my attention for long. And aside from the chorus I honesty only half paid attention to it. This song is sugary sweet though. Just as expected. "A love of eternal colors" It's cute I guess.

Final rating: 6/10

I guess I didn't expect writing an album review would take so long. All in all, I think this a defiant buy if your a NEWS fan. Even if you're not a NEWS fan I'm sure you'd enjoy this album too. I don't think the bonus song along is good enough to really make you want the limited edition. But I'm sure the 32 page book is.

Forever Love my darling!


So another one of my posts has been delayed slightly. But hey I've been busy and all that jazz.

C-ute's 7th single Forever Love was released on November, 26. I am really excited about this single. Since Edo no Temari no Uta II was kind of a let down. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a full blown dud but it wasn't my favorite C-ute single either. Forever Love has an amazing beat and music, it feels like something fresh for C-ute. The song as a whole is really great, and the my darling parts are just adorable. Vocally almost everyone is on par, except Saki. Her voice just seems a little out of place in this song. As for Airi's parts, her voice is almost too high for this song. There's no question that she's a talented singer but in my opinion her voice sounds a little awkward in this one. I hope people understand what I'm trying to say. I'd rather not get lynched by Airi fans. XD And surprisingly Erika, Mai, and Kanna's voices jump out the most in this song. Their voices are really suited for a song like this and they sound perfect in it. The biggest problem I have with this song is choosing what's better, Forever Love or Madayade. Which is an extremely hard decision, but I think I'm leaning more towards Madayade.

As far as the video goes the suits and office work makes it seem like a Madayade part 2. If there was ever a good time to share b-sides, now would have been the perfect time. But it's clear that the real theme of this PV is hideous outfits! I mean seriously golfer's plaid, houndstooth, bulky scarves, and what looks a hunter's jacket. Saki also seems to be wearing either purple corduroy or crushed purple velvet. Wow I really know my fabric. o_O Anyway, these patterns are barely nice on their own let alone thrown in together. But there is a bright side Erika and Maimi's outfits are super cute. But Erika wins for overall best outfit. I'm a sucker for vests. :D Aside from their clothes their really isn't much else going on. Throughout the whole video office version C-ute is watching dancing version on a computer screen. I feel kinda weird watching a computer screen on my computer. I wonder is anyone else thought of it that way?

Another highlight of this video is, that my girl Kanna looks absolutely adorable. I love her new curly hairstyle in the video. It looks amazing on her. She looked the best in the close ups in my opinion. Though I always pay more attention to her.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cafe Buono pizza


Buono was featured in two 15 second commercials for Pizz-la delivery pizza. Which according to the Pizza-la website is the no.1 delivery pizza. I absolutely love the outfits they are wearing. And everyone looks super cute, especially Airi. The little dance in the middle is very cute too, as expected from Buono. But I can't seem to get past the announcer's creepy voice.

But Buono endorsing it doesn't make me want this pizza. It actually looks really gross. Somehow Hot Hokkiado Potato Gratin Pizza just doesn't sound too appetizing. There's also pieces of corn in it. Just eww. This actually makes me happy that I don't live in Japan. There's a lot of weird Japanese pizza out there. From clams to shrimp and mayonnaise.

Shugo Chara


With almost no news about the new Shugo Chara group in two months, we finally have the PV preview. I honestly forgot all about the group until about two days ago. I also forgot how adorable Minna no Tamago is. The PV is as infectious as the song. With lots of flying hearts, diamonds, clovers, and spades oh my. It's very colorful and very cutesy. I kinda would like to see more colors then green, blue, yellow, and pink over and over. But there's no helping that. If any of my preview posts mean anything the PV should be ok in a week or two if not a few days. ._.

Who's a C-uter boyfriend?


With C-ute's single covers and promo shots for Forever Love being released a question has dawned on me. Which one makes a hotter guy? This is why H!P members shouldn't wear suits. I'm going to put favorite members aside and judge it on the pictures alone.

Okai Chisato- Now Chisato has some Johnny's hair going on. It's very Jin Akanishi. That alone would make her the guy everyone wants and also unattainable. A guy like that would never bee seen with someone like me.

Final rating: out of my league

Suzuki Airi- Airi looks like a guy I would be friends with. We would probably flirt back and forth but that's it. It would be hard to tell his true feelings for me since he flirts with all the girls.

Final rating: one sided crush

Arihara Kanna- Kanna's snazzy new short haircut gives her the soft, sensitive guy vibe. Some one who would be reading poetry after class. He would be a loner with an air of mystery.

Final rating: doesn't have time for girls

Hagiwara Mai- Mai's picture doesn't look any different unfortunately and doesn't really work fit this. But I will try anyway. Mai would be the overly nice guy always wanting to help out his friends. He would be too good to be true.

Final rating: just friends

Nakajima Saki- Saki would be the tough guy always getting into fights. Coming from a troubled home he gives everyone attitude. Both his physical and emotional wounds won't heal.

Final rating: damaged goods

Yajima Maimi- Maimi is the guy who thinks he's too good to date just anyone. His over confidence and arrogance will push the girls away.

Final rating: jerk

Umeda Erika: Erika is the guy you wouldn't want to be seen with, the one who's not all there. His psycho smile will almost follow you down the hallway.

Final rating: weirdo

Now that, that ridiculousness is over here is some actual cute news. Some guy posted a 20 second preview for the Forever Love PV from his cell phone. So if you squint your eyes and stand five feet away you can almost see what the other outfits look like. But it shoud hold you over until the actual PV comes out. The first thing that jumps out for me is Airi's hideous jacket shawl combo. Let's hope it looks better in a higher quality.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hangry and Angry come stateside?


The highly anticipated Hangry & Angry PV is out. And I couldn't be more excited for it! The song is just amazing. I can't stop listening to it. It really is one of the best things to comes out of H!P in a long time. I think it's UFA rather. The single will be released in Japan and the US on November 19th.

The PV is very anime like to me. It feels like it should be Hangry & Angry starring Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ishikawa Rika. But that's really my only complaint for it. I love that Yossie is being really evil and rockerish. It's a side of her I really like. Weird faces and all. And Rika acting sweetly, they really balance each other out. They couldn't have picked two better members.

Also the second outfits are awesome. Especially Rika's white dress. It's so pretty and it's finally an actual lolita dress. In this video it looks like they are picking up were come together left off. They come close to kissing and Rika basically feels up Yossie. Wotas are rejoicing now.

In more important Hangry & Angry news, according to their myspace they are planning a tour in the US and Europe. And on their offical Japanese myspace you can listen to a preview of two of their songs off the CD.

Forever Love preview


A preview for C-ute's new single Forever Love came out a few days ago. And judging from the name, weeks a go I assumed it would be a ballade or at least a slow paced song like Namida no Iro. But instead it's a upbeat almost dance song. And it's not 2 minutes and some odds seconds long. It's almost 4 minutes. But I'll have my full review of the song when the PV comes out like always. :3


I've been a little m.i.a. from blogging the past days. Mostly because of Halloween and Election stuff. So you know what the means, mass updates spam! Starting with the Madayade pv that I neglected to review.

I can honestly say I wasn't expecting the PV to look anything like it does. I'm not completely sure what working in an office has to do with anything. And I also can't believe those really were the outfits. They kind of look like a cross between a flight attendant and a super hero. Which is fine if that's what your into. But I'm not a big fan of them. The PV is a slight disappointment. But I shouldn't really be too upset. I'm sure a beach themed Berryz video wasn't even a possibility.

I am still completely in love with the song. And it turns out it was Maasa that sounds like Airi a little. This song is pushing Miyabi in the back even further. She still gets a decent ammount of lines, but it's not the Miyabi overload it usually is. Instead the song and video is focusing more on the girls who are usually in the back. Saki, Yurina, Maasa, and Chinami. Which I'm not really complaining about, since I've been becoming a big fan of Yurina lately. She's the main reason I've been paying attention to Berryz more lately.

Berryz Koubou keeps having one good song after another. Now if we could only do something for Morning Musume. Because compaired to this and Buono's song, Pepper Keibu just doesn't cut it.