Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where's my samurai, Ryo-Chan?

NEWS member Nishikido Ryo will star in a movie called Chonmage Purin, being released this summer. The movie is about a samurai from the olden age, time slipping to the present and working as a p√Ętissier.

Being the huge Ryo fan that I am, I'm pretty excited for Ryo getting his first leading role in a movie. However, I'm not looking forward to him having chonmage hair. But he is time slipping into the future so he probably won't have that hair for long, assuming he has it at all. I am excited to see him be a pastry chef though. Ryo in a chef outfit would be beyond adorable. I'd also love if for some reason he'd cry again. Just because his crying scene in Last Friends just about killed me.
Besides Ryo being in it, it seems a little lame. He'll probably act like Inuyasha essentially like a caveman at first. They'll probably also be some attempt a humor that just isn't funny. Since I don't find Japanese humor funny at all. And if I know anything about movie cliches, he'll fall in love with some random girl and leave everything behind for her.
I'm not too happy that this movie is way too similar to Miyavi's movie Oresama. I know Oresama wasn't the first movie to travel through time but still. Ryo's traveling to the future, Miyavi traveled to the past. Ryo's gonna be a pastry chef, Miyavi started a band. Perhaps Ryo's character will take up soccer while he's at it.
I expect a Ryo solo theme for this movie! Jin got one. And Yamapi gets them for drams. It's only fair. I also demand Edo no Temari Uta II be played in the movie! It probably won't though. But it seems pretty perfect. How many songs out there are really about the Edo period? I don't listen to enka so they're could be dozens.


Unwritten Dreams said...

I don't care if it's cliche or not, I'm looking forward to Nishikido portraying a samurai. And I know he's gonna do some samurai stuff as a chef with a knife! xD

AimxAim said...

Haha. I didn't even think of that, I'd like to see that. :]
But he's been spending most of his time learning to make pastries.
I don't know if he'd have the time to learn knife moves too. XD

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Akatsuki said...

I think JE people love to time-travel XD Sakurai Sho from Arashi has traveled to the past in a mini drama series (there was a guy from Tokio too XD) Yamapi has traveld to the future in the drama Long Love Letter (that was a weird drama XD) and Shigeaki Kato has traveld to the past in a drama special type thing XD I'm sure there's more but yah XD