Saturday, February 27, 2010

S/mileage's doki doki and waku waku new PV

S/mileage's PV fro their 4th indie single, Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii, was released today. And it is hands down the best PV H!P has made in a long time. Even though the video was filmed in front of a green screen, and mostly likely cost very little to made. That doesn't stop it from being really creative and extremely adorable. I think every element of this video works. The overly energetic and in your face cuteness about it are what I miss from old H!P videos. S/mileage is pretty much becoming the modern W, because if W was still around they'd be making video and songs like S/mileage is. I think that's a big reason I love S/mileage so much.

At first glance because of the white around them you can tell this video was made by the same person that made 321' Breakin' Out.

Which explains why the video is so well made. I thought 321 Breakin Out was an amazing video. One of my favorites Momusu has done.

I love that the video is layered. It's a great way to keep the close up, dance shot, story format. But changing it up to make it completely unique.

It's also a great way to give the girls maximum screen time.

I also love how absolutely gorgeous Kanon looks. She should always keep her hair curly. She's never looked prettier.

The dance is a little too simple for my taste. But it is really cute, so it works.

I think the purikura frame scenes are really cute too. They're a lot more fun then the regular close up scenes.

My favorite Kanon scene from the whole video.

The board in the back reminds me too much of Buono.

Gachink de Ikou PV.

This reminds me too much of Puffy AmiYumi.

Hataraku Otoko PV.

I don't think Kanon could get any cuter.

Is it just me or does Saki look weird in this? Her chin looks pretty big. XD

Yuuka looking as adorable as ever. She looks the cutest with her hair half up and half down like this.

I barely noticed Ayaka in this. She doesn't stand out at all.

Yuuka steals her scene completely.

But Kanon steals the whole video.

Doki doki!