Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I only like Tegoshi for his bad English

Tegoshi Yuya is going to be in a movie called Dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita and for some reason I'm compelled to see it. And what is the reason I can't wait until this move is released? An amazing story line? My love for Tegoshi? None of the above. I'm afraid my reason isn't as legit as that. I'm not even a fan of "I'm too pretty to really be a man" Teogshi. The whole reason I want to see it is because Tegoshi speaks English in it. I guess I'm just a sucker for Japanese accents. Especially Tegoshi's. There's just something so enduringly cute about it.
The movie doesn't look completely horrible. It just looks pretty girly and therefore will probably end up being stupid. But I'm obviously going to watch it anyway. I just wish all 3 of her boyfriends weren't hideous. I've never been a fan of Charlie Bartlett or Kenichi Matsuyama, but Kenichi does look better in this movie then when he played L. He was probably only chosen for this movie because he can speak English. I've always liked Horikita Maki since Kurosagi though. She'll probably make the movie bearable if it ends up sucking.
The trailer has been floating on the internet since December and because I could care less about Tegoshi I only saw it recently. So this whole post seems a little late because I fail at life. And a little pointless if I do say so myself.


Anonymous said...

I'm super excited about this movie. because i love Horikita Maki, she's one of my favorite actressesses.
And also because Tegoshi is in it. I love his cuteness, and i think he's a great actor. This movie also sounds kind of interesting, and i really like stories that involve an amnesiac (: It always makes stories kind of interesting. But 3 boyfriends she cant remember..thats a bit...cliche'ish. but that may just be me... I'm still super excited :D ^_^