Friday, February 12, 2010

New NEWS single, Sakura Girl

Johnny must be listening to my prayers, because NEWS is finally releasing a new single. It will be release March 24th, and will be entitled Sakura Girl.
March 24th makes it just 1 month and 5 shy of NEWS not releasing a single in an entire year. Which is a little bit ridiculous if you ask me. My two favorite Johnny's groups have the longest wait in between releases. Hey! Say! JUMP's release drought is a mystery to me, but NEWS's can be blamed on Yamapi. If Yamapi didn't release a solo single and have solo concerts we would have had a new NEWS single a lot sooner. The Diamond Live DVD could also be a reason, but that was more of a release to hold fans over. Though even that was a year late.
I guess all JE single releases have long waiting periods in between. KAT-TUN almost had a year in between releases too. I guess I'm just used to H!P's new single every 4 months release schedule.

The title itself makes me think it has to do with graduation or will have some sort of nostalgic feel. And will most likely have more of a Taiyou Namida feel. Which would make me pretty sad. I prefer NEWS's happy and cute songs, rather than slow and meaningful. But it's not like they have that many slow and meaningful songs anyway. Though I can't judge a song based on the title alone, that's just silly. I'll just have to remain optimistic until the preview comes out.


Anonymous said...

Ughhh... the attitude like this that sometime made me can't whole heartedly love NEWS, coz some of their fan is selfish and close-minded. Blame Yamapi? LOL. Grow up, girl!!! There's so many complexity in Johnnys Associate and even bigger in Music Industry. You don't know what happen in the background.
Beside, ur favourite Ryo-chan is so happy doing his beloved K8 activity. Why dont blame him? Oh, coz Ryo have no choice... Poor Ryo-chan...

Well, sorry but it's always hurt to meet fellow News fan who keep blame a certain News member for every unfortunate things that happen in that group. That's maybe the reason why the group will never get big in the future, coz their fans is close-minded. Well, i'll follow ur way and blame Tegomass and Ryo-chan if News don't get a tour this spring/summer, coz Tegomass will have their own concert and Ryo'll be shooting his movie.

AimxAim said...

First off I didn't mean blame Yamapi like "wah wah Yamapi ruins everything for NEWS." I simply meant that NEWS couldn't release anything while Yamapi had his solo single and concerts, because they couldn't. It was scheduling issues. They couldn't have concerts and promotions for NEWS and Yamapi at the same time, it would be too much on Yamapi. Just like they move things around for Tegomass and Kanjani8. And that doesn't really bother me. I only said about Yamapi, because his single was released recently. I'm simply saying that they could have had the NEWS single in November and Yamapi's single in March, so NEWS fans didn't have to wait as long. And a NEWS single in November or December would have boosted their Live Diamond DVD sales.
I'm not close minded or selfish. I don't care what they do outside of NEWS since I'm a fan of Kanjani8, and Tegomass. I was actually really excited for Yamapi's solo single. If you actually read my post I made about it you would know that. But you were too busy bashing me to get your facts straight.
As for Ryo-chan yeah I love him, but if Kanajani8 was in this position and not Yamapi I would be upset too. I never once said Ryo could do no wrong. I'm a NEWS fan first, and I prefer to see them together, rather than seperate.
And if you read my post I also said you could blame their DVD for lack of singles too. But according to you I only blame Yamapi. Who happens to be my second favorite NEWS member.
And apparently you don't know anything about JE or the music industry either if you think some foreign fan complaining about a lack of NEWS releases matters. I doubt you know about what's happening with Japanese fans, which are the fans who's opnions do matter. I'm sorry I'm not from Japan, so what I think will never effect why NEWS will never get big. Which by the way NEWS is already big. Maybe not as big as Arashi or KAT-TUN. Because it seems like NEWS is still being affected by Kusano and Uchi. Which would be something to tell Johnny, not me.

This blog is a review blog, which until recently was just about H!P. Where I would post my honest opinons on the matter. Such as unfair line distrubution, vocal ability, and girls getting more attention than others. Which happen to be things I can't change either. And not once has any commenter told me I was wrong to think so, that I needed to grow up, or I was being selfish. Because it's my opinion. And a lot of other fans feel the same way. It's guaranteed that you're not always going to like something your favorite idol/idol group does. But according to you I shouldn't voice my opinion on the matter. That makes absolutely no sense.
Compared to H!P fans JE fans take themselves way too seriously. If anyone needs to grow up it's you, for trying to silence my opinion and make everyone think just like you do.

By the way, I don't feel like arguing about this any further. I wasted enough time trying to justify myself to someone who will never change my opinion. If you want to think not loving everything single NEWS does makes me a bad fan, that's your prerogative. I'm still a huge NEWS fan, and nothing Yamapi or Tegomass, or Shige does will change that.

Anonymous said...

lol, i was going to reply about the single first, but i have to say, what anonymous said is pretty stupid... >.> "some of the fans are selfish and close-minded" how can you say that's a reason for your not liking NEWS whole heartedly? That makes no sense whatsoever.
Dont tell someone to grow up just because she was voicing her own thoughts. ITS HER BLOG, That's what blogs are for!!
Also, ~"That's maybe the reason why the group will never get big in the future, coz their fans is close-minded." THAT MAKES EVEN LESS SENSE THAT WHAT I MENTIONED ABOVE! O.O

Seriously >.> some people have nothing better to do than blame other fans of NEWS... <.<

Anyway, about Sakura Girl , I"M SO HAPPY <3
lol, i cant wait for the new single. i want to hear it already ^__^
I've been waiting for almost a week now, but it's still not 24th march yet XD <3

AimxAim said...

Yeah BLackkButterfly it was pretty stupid. I don't really know since when you're not allowed to voice opinions on blogs. lol

I can't wait to hear it either!<3 I really wanna now what style it's going to be already. :] I been waiting to hear it since Koi no ABO came out. lol