Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cartoon KAT-UN comes to an end

It seems the rumors are true and Cartoon KAT-TUN will be coming to an end. The show which ran for 3 years will have it's final episode on March 24th. And will be replaced with a show called Jack 10 starting April 14th.

Now I'm not really a big Cartoon KAT-TUN fan. Mostly because I'm not that big of a KAT-TUN fan at all. But I know a lot of KAT-TUN fans out there are mourning. But they have no reason to do so. At least they had a show. NEWS has been around longer and they've never had a show. If you watched Cartoon KAT-TUN Ueda, Kame, and Jin were boring most of the time. Every so often they'd do or so something entertaining. Koki and Taguchi made that show enjoyable. They had the most fun personalities on the show. And If I didn't watch the few episodes of Cartoon KAT-TUN that I did, I probably wouldn't like Koki as much as I do now.

But there have been some awesome moments on Cartoon KAT-TUN. Koki excessively fanboying over Ne-Yo, locking Kame in the freezer, Hyde having way too much fun on the show, when they wear mustaches for some reason, Koki playing the piano. And probably lots of other things. But I never got that far into Cartoon KAT-TUN. Most of the things I just described were from the first 20-30 episodes.

It is still sad to see Cartoon KAT-TUN go. No where near as sad as seeing Haromoni@ go, but still sad.