Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NEWS- Sakura Girl preview

The preview for NEWS' new single, Sakura Girl, is finally out. Which I'm super excited about!

I am pleasantly surprised at how it sounds. As I said before, I was expecting this song to sound like Taiyou no Namida. The song is a little slower than their last single, but I really love the song so far. It's got a really soft and pretty beat to accompany the sweet lyrics. And just like I expected the lyrics have a some what nostalgic feel to them. They also have a sad tone to them since they're about unrequited love. Which is something different for news. They very rarely have soft and meaningful songs. Ai Nante and Dreams is the closest they got. But Sakura Girl is a little more upbeat then them. So in a sense it's closer to Love Story.
The line distribution is pretty much how it always is. In this preview only Yamapi, Tegoshi, Ryo, and Massu got solo lines. But most likely in the second half Shige and Koyama will get their solos. It would be surprising if they didn't, since the line distribution has been the same since they became a 6 member group.
The signing itself wasn't really anything too special. Which is expected. Since it's a soft song there's not really room to hit high notes.

I'm really excited for the PV now. A school setting would be amazing. But if it was a school setting it would most likely follow 2 high schoolers. Which would be a nice change. NEWS doesn't really have any PVs that follow a story.