Monday, February 22, 2010

Road to becoming an AKB48 fangirl

Even though I have said a couple of times before in previous posts on my blog that AKB48 fails to compare to Hello!Project, I finally give up. I have finally succumbed to the awesomeness that is AKB48. And I gotta say, I'm actually kind of excited. I'm filled with all these fresh in the fandom feelings. Where everything is shiny and new. Though it's not all 100% new to me. As a H!P fan intrigued by AKB48 I dabbled in them a little. I know a few odd girl's names and I've heard most of the singles. But that's really about it.

Since I am relatively new to everything AKB48 related, I wonder which is the best way to go about learning about AKB48. When I first started to listen to Morning Musume I learned all their names first and then worried about the music after that. But when I first started listening to NEWS I made music my first priority. And shockingly I didn't know all the NEWS members names until 3 or 4 months after discovering them. So I'm pretty torn. AKB48's sheer size alone will make getting into the fandom a challenge. I'm going to have a super hard time remembering group line ups and names. Morning Musume generation 1-8 have only had 24 members. And in the beginning I thought I'd never remember them all. Let alone tell them apart. The only plus is AKB48 is fairly new, so learning all the songs will be easy.

I'm sure I'm unaware of a lot of things that seem to be common knowledge to most AKB48 fans. Like what's the difference between AKB48 and SKE48? What is the format for AKBINGO? What does Team A 1st Stage even mean? I'm sure there are a lot more question that I just can't think of now.
I'm most likely going to make this a series on my blog. To show how my AKB48 fandom is going. And so I can look back and remember all my AKB48 noobness on a later day. Just like how it was when I first listened to H!P and JE, there were a lot of things I was way off about. And even stupier things I used to actually believe. Such as Aibon and Nono were twins. Not to mention it took like a year before I knew why Uchi and Kusano left NEWS.
So everyone in blog land wish me luck. I won't be satsified until I know as much about ABK48 that I do about H!P. This could take a while. XD


Anonymous said...

G everyone is turning to AKB48 wotas, my nightmare ~ XD

AimxAim said...

Blame Watanabe Mayu. It's all her fault! XD <3

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything in her and everybody loves her O-O I find her kinda ugly XDDD

BTW you hotlinking H!O in my blog and I can't see the pic, can you post it again please? ^v^

AimxAim said...

Impossible! Mayu is super adorable. XD

Oh sorry about that. I'll send a new link. :]

xyish said...

You're on H!O? Ask away on the AKB Questions thread! We'll answer all your questions patiently and eagerly. xD

AimxAim said...
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AimxAim said...

Yeah I'm on H!O. I'm Aim_Aim there. I didn't even know H!O had an AKB48questions thread. I haven't posted on H!O in a while. XD But I'll post there soon. :]