Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vote for H!P"s summer concert set list!

Following in suit of last year's Hello!Project summer concert, Hello!Project has once again asked fans to vote for their favorite songs. The Hello! Project concert 2011 Summer~Nippon no mirai wa WOW WOW & YEAH YEAH Live~ kicks off this July 16th through August 14th. And a website was set up to allow fans to once again pick the set list. You can click here for the site.

When you click on the website you will see 2 clickable musical scores: one pink and one green. The pink one will allow you to vote for your favorite song based on predetermined themes. The themes are as follows:

Going across:

1. A song which has an image of a smile
2. A song which has an image of LOVE?
3. A song which has an energetic image?
4. A song which has the image of Love (using "renai" I suppose this is something more affectionate.)
5. A song which has an image of courage?
6. A song with a sexy image?
7. A song with a party image?
8. A song with a cute image?

The next option, the green one, is asking about the members. They ask you a question about the members and you are supposed to pick which 2 members best fit this and then give a short explination as to why you picked the member. The guestions are as follows:

Now for the one about the members: Again going across

1. Someone who will become a scary mother?
2. Someone who will own a small shop and why?
3. Someone who suits saying "Welcome master"?
4. Someone you think who thinks they're cuter than Michishige Sayumi and why?
5. Who do you want as your lover and why?
6. Who do you think will play good as pretending to eat a hot plate of oden and why?
7. Who looks like they treasure their family a lot and why?
8. Who do you want to say "I'll spank you!" to you?
9. Who would you want to say "Brother you're an idiot" to you and why?
10. [I think] who would you have liked during your time at school or entry of school and why?
11. Who would be great at saying "I'm sorry" in an angry sort of way?

I absolutley love that H!P is giving fans a hand on experience now. Even though I do think they are copying off of AKB48's 100 best set list concerts. But I don't really care about that too much because 1. I love H!P way more than AKB48, and 2. H!P's voting is absolutely 100% and you can vote as much as you want.

I think the questions are a little weird, mostly because I don't really get what they will be used for, except during the MCing of the concerts. I can't wait to see what Sayumi says to the members picked who think they are cuter than Sayumi. It's probably be something disgusting like I'm way cuter than them, or I'll never lose to them. Then I can promptly punch her in her face. No secret, I dispise Sayumi. First off, the question itself is pretty insulting. It's basically like saying Sayumi is the cutest person on the planet, let's see who dares to question that position. I know, it's meant to be light and funny, and poke fun at Sayumi being super narcissistic. But I don't think it's funny at all.
I also don't like that question 9 say's "brother you're an idiot." As a female fan I feel slightly ostracized. They should have been more PC and used sibling. XD

If anyone cares here's the songs I voted for. Except they were obviously in Japanese.

I didn't bother doing the questions because I can't speak Japanese, and I'm not about to use the horrible translations of google translate.

The voting for the songs end of May 27th and the member voting ends June 6th. So get voting if you want your opinion to count!