Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My latest gets

This post is extremely overdue. I've been wanting to make this post since the end of April. But I was lazy and put the post off, and then my computer crashed. And now this post is a month late. XD I'm pretty excited to make this post because it's the first time I making a post about all the idol themed things I got. I've made posts in the past about my Morning Musume CD and Hey! Say! JUMP CD, but that was only one item. This time I have 6 things. Which isn't really a lot. But hey, I'm a poor idol fan and only buy what I can afford. Which is hardly anything. XD

First things first, my NEWS CDs.

I got Pacific and Color for my birthday. Color is limited Edition which is amazing, by the way. I would preferred LE Pacific since it's my favorite NEWS album, but I can't really complain. And since I got those 2 CDs I had to buy Live since I was supposed to get it when it was released in September. I opted for the regular edition because it has the bigger booklet and I have no need for a DVD that I can't watch. Oh, and can I add that all my CDs are either Taiwan or Hong Kong versions. Start calling me a bad fan now, but there's no way I'm shelling out $50 for Japanese versions when I can get the overseas for about $20. Especially since the CDs are exact duplicates.

Oh, and speaking of my birthday check out my awesome cake.
It's a mint chocolate chip cheesecake. XD

Next I got my Hey! Say! JUMP calendar.

I was pretty bummed when I couldn't get their calendar last year, so I made sure I got it this year. But it was pretty expense at either $40 or $45. Which is kind of ridiculous for a calendar, but whatever. I really wanted this because calendars are the closet JE gets to photobooks. HSJ's calendar was actually the most bang for your buck. It came with like a 30-50 page booklet, and then had a little mini calendar which is basically picture cards with the dates on it.

But the pictures are awesome. Especially Yuto's.

And they are doublesided! There's also a way to make this mini calendar stand, but the instructions are in Japanese, so I can't use it. XD

The photos in the booklet are mostly bathingsuit and beached themed.
But there are also a few sexy suit looking pictures.

Surprisingly I think Yabu looks the cutest in this booklet.
The booklet also has giant pictures of the members faces, which is kinda weird. But I guess also cool.
The next thing I got was a NEWS calendar.
This was even more expensive than the HSJ one. I think NEWS's was $50.  But for a more expensive price you get less stuff. It's pretty much just a photobook. It's something like 60 pages though. But since NEWS is my favorite JE group I had to get this.
I mostly got it because Yamapi looks super hot in it.
The calendar is more of an agenda calendar, where you're supposed to write in what you're doing that day.
I think it's funny because they already have each member's birthday's written in. XD
The calendar came with this tape looking stuff that says NEWS. I have no idea what it's for. My mom says that it looks like it's temporary tattoos, but I'm never going to use it so I'll never know. XD
The booklet is filled with a lot of cute pictures.
It also has like 32 shop photos with it. But they are attatched to the calendar, so of course I'm never gonna rip them out. But it's awesome that they were included.
On the back of the shop photos each member wrote messages, too bad I can't read them. :/
I do love my NEWS calendar but I think it's a bit of a rip off.
It's nearly the same size as the Hey! Say! JUMP one.
And nearly the same exact width. But it's $10 more and you get less stuff. :/
The last thing I got was my prizes.
I recently came in second place in International Wota's I Wonder What Idol Flesh Taste Like contest for my Kusumi Koharu soufflĂ©. I won a signed copy of I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like and a $30 YesAsia gift card. So, I decided to buy Morning Musume's All Coupling Complete CD. It was the most bang for my buck, I picked it up for $25. It was the Korean version though, but who cares. I really wanted to buy the Maji Desu ka Ska single, since I absolutely love that song. But I wasn't spending $15 for 2 songs. I guess I'm cheap and a bad fan. But I will never spend $15 for 2 songs. When I can get an American CD for $10, and I got 42 songs for $25. I guess I'm just a terrible fan. But I probably won't care as much when I actually have a job. XD
I was also super excited to get Justin's autograph.
I never had a book with the author's autograph before, so I am beyond happy I have one now.
He also included some purikura pictures, which are really cute.