Friday, July 8, 2011

2nd peek at the S/mileage auditions

S/mileage's official youtube channel has uploaded another video of the 2nd generation audition process. Which gives us fans a nice peak at the types of girls who auditioned. And this is more of a peak than we got of Morning Musume's 9th generation. With them showing us so many girls during the S/mileage audition, we might have actually seen a girl who will become a finalist or new member. Which is an exciting thought. And only time will tell if that happens.

And another zooming shot, like last time, to show the majority of auditioners.

I think the girl on the left is cute, she looks energetic. The girl on the right looks super nervous.

I wasn't really blown away by this girl at first glance. But I do think she has potential as an idol. I an odd way she reminds me of Ogawa Makoto.

Woah, the girl looking toward the camera looks like Nakajima Saki and Tokunaga Chinamis' love child. XD
During the pan of the crowd in the beginning this was the girl I was focused on! She looks a bit like Miyazawa Sae.
This girl is hardly a looker, but she seems lively.

Did anyone else immediately flash to Fukuda Asuka? XD

Meh. XD

I love that this girl said how much she loves S/mileage. Makes me like her even more. XD She is pretty. And she looks a tiny, tiny bit like Maeda Atsuko.

Yuke yuke monkey face. That's hilarious. But probably too harsh of a comment for some.

This girl looks kind of angry. I'm not sure how well a yankee would fit in S/mileage.

She's kind of cute.

All I see is teeth. XD

I wish we could see her face. She looks like she might be cute. Her hair is cute, so maybe she is?  XD