Monday, March 9, 2009

Maasa PB preview

Maasa's first photobook is being released on March 11th, so we have a nice preview of the cover.

The cover is pretty standard as photobooks go. But I think the cover is really cute. Maasa's looks really happy and cute on the cover. And it's nice the see that she's slimmed down a little. Since we're used to seeing Maasa with a little more meat on her bones. I also think her bikini is absolutely adorable. And it looks really great on her.

Aside from the cover, there's also a video of Maasa's photobook into. Where she quickly flips through the photobook. The video also shows Momoko and Chinami looking through it with her. Though I can't understand what's being said, I think Maasa looks great. Her shirt is really cute. And I love her curly ponytail.

There's also another video of Massa, that's is a portion of her making her photobook. Which is from her photobook DVD. It shows Maasa picking fruit and several other scenes from her photobook.