Friday, March 6, 2009

Buono, next stop Sweden

It seems like H!P has been getting a few new stamps on their passport recently. With tour stops in Korea and Taiwan last year. But they seem to be setting their sights on the rest of the world. And the next group to go overseas is none other than Buono. They are performing at the Japan Expo in Stockholm, Sweden on May 24th. Much like Anime Expo being the biggest anime/manga convention in the US, Japan Expo is the largest Jpop/Culture event in Northern Europe. If you plan to go check out their official site for more info.

And now the European fans can stop complaining. It seems like H!P didn't forget about the European fans after all. This really is great news, I'm glad to see H!P acts get more recognition all over the world. And it seems like Buono is taking a page out of Tegomass's book. As some of you may know Tegomass debuted in 2006 in Sweden, with the English version of their song Miso Soup. The song did surprisingly well and charted at #12. So, it seems Sweden would be the perfect place to perform.

Now their is one thing I'm not happy about with all this, why did they pick Buono? I mean Buono is a really good group, with fun and catchy songs. But they haven't really been around that long. I would really like to see Berryz Koubou go, since they are more established. I'd like to see their reasoning behind picking Buono, because I can't think of any.

H!P has already been scheduled to perform in Asia, Europe, and North America. So the question that comes to mind is, which country is next? Mexico seems to have a lot of Jpop fans. I've even see videos of Mexican VK stores. So that seems like a likely choice. But it really seems to be anyone's guess as to which lucky country is next.

I'm really liking the whole H!P world domination that's going on. Let's hope they
keep this up.


Kai said...

sweden was canceled, i hope they play somewhere else!

AimxAim said...

I know, it's a shame it got cancelled. Makes a lot of Buono fans sad.