Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LinLin's Happy Birthday comes

I'm not really much for writing about idol's birthdays, but I should really start. Especially when it's a member I've been starting to like even more recently. :] I also wonder if anyone got my W reference. But anyway, onto LinLin praising.

Happy Birthday LinLin!

It's really hard to believe LinLin is 18 already. It seriously feels like she just entered Morning Musume yesterday. Mostly because new members weren't added yet. And even though LinLin has been in the background of singles and concerts, I've been noticing her a lot more. She really seems to be shining lately. She was fantastic in Resonant Live. And I think she brings something great to Momusu. Her fun loving personality was what drew her to me. Her Yorosen was surprisingly one of my favorites. Even though LinLin doesn't have the best shining voice, she really has been improving lately. I think we can expect great things from LinLin in the future.

And here's a LinLin pic spam!