Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NYC-Yume Tamago short version

With NYC's upcoming single Yume Tamago's release date just days away, 7 days to be exact, the short version of the PV has been released. I think it's absolutely pointless to release a PV preview, short version, and then full version. I just don't get the reason behind it at all. I suppose it would boost the sales a bit, but I think the full PV would boost them more. I remember Johnny's used to release short version of all their singles, I haven't seen them doing that lately. Or maybe than have, and just no one's uploading them to youtube. XD

I really didn't want to watch the short version of this PV either because it ruins not only the PV but also my review of the PV. But I posted this for fans who want to watch the short version. And I actually have not watched the short, and don't intend to.
I'm sorry but I'm not going to comment on the short version of the PV, because I am saving that for my overall PV review post. Which is most likely going to be when the full PV gets released tomorrow or the next day.

So anyone who wants to watch the short version here it is. And sorry that my opinion about it won't be for a few days. :/