Monday, July 26, 2010

Even more banners!

I swear I'm like super addicted to making banners for this blog. So of course I made to make even more banners. Bringing me up to 27 banners for this blog. I think I need a better hobby. XD Anyway here are the new banners I made. Please don't laugh at my noobshopping lack of photoshop skills.

First the official group ones.


Momoiro Clover:

And I made some more wota friendly ones. :D

Nishikido Ryo:
I had to do Ryo's Boao shoot. It's so hot! XD

Kusumi Koharu:
Koharu's actually came out the best. Mostly because I found a great picture that had room for me to blend 3 other pictures on the left.

Konno Asami:

I had to make one for my beloved KonKon! Though this one came out the worst. Since I used different pictures, I had no idea what to do for a background. So I just made it her group color. XD


Of course I had to make a Yamapi one.
Suzuki Airi:
This picture didn't even need blending effects.


I found this picture randomly one day when I was looking up AKB48 pictures, so I had to make a banner out of it. XD

Akanishi Jin:
I made this Jin banner long before it was ever announced he would be leaving KAT-TUN. I wonder if he still counts now? XD

So yeah 27 banners, you'd think that would be enough. But I haven't even scratched the surface of what I want to eventually have. I still have to make one for Canary Club, Kanjani8, Idoling!!!, YuiKaori, and solo ones for each of my favorite idols. Which is a lot. XD


Anonymous said...


AimxAim said...

I AM! But at least my blog will always look pretty. XD I bet by the time I finally stop making them I'll have 50 banners. O_O

Anonymous said...

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love the banners would love to affilate let me know in my chat box and ill display a banner of your choice :-) x

AimxAim said...

Glad you like the banners. :]
I'd love to affilate, I'll comment your chat box now.

Anonymous said...

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AimxAim said...

Thanks also. I have just added your banner to my site. :]
I'm glad that you like my blog. I like your blog too.<3
And I would love to chat sometime. And you're welcome again.