Friday, February 6, 2009

Ai's Super Cargo

So Ai Kago's first photobook after being fired from H!P was released recently. After I saw the previews for the photobook I was shocked but I remained optimistic because it's Ai Kago. And I really wanted to believe she wasn't changing. But it a way she really is.

She seemed to do this photobook, not to have a slutty image but to futher defy H!P. Even though she was fired and they don't care about her any more. This photobook is really saying I don't care what anyone thinks anymore. And I'm not the cutesy Aibon image you created me as. translated the entire interview from the photobook, and it really made me think more about Aibon and my love for Aibon. I always supported Aibon, through her scandals, through her firing, through her comeback, and beyond. But I always selfishly held onto a hope of the Aibon, that I loved coming back. And a sort of resentment for her leaving to begin with.

This interview really showed that she left H!P for the right reasons. She felt more like a puppet than a human. She wasn't even allowed to love. She was hurting for a long time but still holding onto her dream of acting. Through the whole interview she sounded very mature and was able to take openly about hard times in her life.

I love that through the whole time she would never be defeated. Even when her career seemed to be over she bounced right back. She even tried to make it in a foreign country. I think this interview is very inspiring and makes me look at Aibon with a whole new light.

I know now that Aibon will never be back, she died when Aibon left H!P. And I'm actually ok with that. Aibon has been able to move past that part in her life. She can be her own person now and act however she wants. Like the mature woman she now is. This experience has changed Aibon a lot, but truly for the better. She has more control over her own life and her own career.

I think that all Aibon or former Aibon fans should read the article. It gives closure for everything that happened and essentially an explanation. She really has turned out to be someone great.

As for the whole pictures in the book. Yes they are a little much and even some of them in bad taste. But I honestly don't care about that. She needed to do them for herself and to tell everyone she doesn't care what they think of her anymore.


Kitty chan (キティちゃん) said...

I completely agree! Though some of the pictures are beautiful.

(W)otutu said...

I really thought the same when I saw her photobook for the first time, it looked so seddy, low budget and I felt that she was lowering her standards to get back in business. I like the way you looked at it, and it's made me think. Maybe she did need to do it to find her own boundaries after being under control of the UFA