Monday, February 28, 2011

Would global 48 groups even work?

I orignally wanted this to be part of my Taiwan48 post, but this post was way too long to be included. So, here we are a whole new post dedicated to the possibility of other global 48 groups. XD

It seems a majority of fans have been responding negatively to the idea of foreign 48 groups since day one. But I have been absolutely excited. Despite not being a fan of AKB48 2 years ago, I was all for the idea of World48 when I heard about it. Since I am a Japanese music fan, I was thrilled about anything that would spread Japanese music and/or style around the world. Especially if it might happen here in the US.

Most fans have been shooting down the possibility of a global franchise for 3 reasons. (You know I have to overanalyze this and write more in more depth about this because I'm such a nerd.) Also, This is an EXTREMELY long post. So, stop reading if you don't feel like reading for a good 10 minutes give or take.

The first reason being they won't like it because they prefer things that are Japanese. Now, before I start my explanation of this let me say that I DO NOT personally know fans like this. But after years of reading forums, blogs, youtube comments, and having actual conversations, I assure you these types of fans DO exist. Please don't take offense in this. I am not suggesting that the people who read this blog or are reading this blog now are like this. There, was that warning PC enough? XD

They would much prefer if Japanese music was a sub culture. Having the music spread would completely defeat the purpose. That way if they are the only person who  knows about the ultra cool Japabese things can they feel superior. Which deals with the whole elitism in the Japanese music community. And don't tell me it doesn't exist. Try joining a Jrock LJ community or Jrock forum (which is how I found out) and see how elitist the Jrock fandom is. I had a friend who literally looked down on me because I didn't know absolutely everything about anime and anime music, and she did so that made her so much better than me. Which, I might add I wasn't even that into. I liked Japanese music not JUST anime music. Which she only liked anime music. I will never forget the first thing I said to her. "You like Japanese music?! Do you like Morning Musume," she responded she didn't know who they were so I almost angrily said, "How can you like Japanese music and not know who Morning Musume are?!" Ah, good times. XD
Also, I have heard fans who literally do not want their Japanese or Asian singers known worldwide. I have no idea why. I guess they treat it as something precious and amazing, that only they like. And if the whole world suddenly learned about it would lose all it's appeal. Which would makes those fans elites, who only like it too feel superior and trendy.

The other reason is only liking Japanese things because they are Japanese. The absolutely first second I started liking Japanese music I was labeled a weebo and a Japanophile. That I liked absolutely ANYTHING just because it was Japanese. Regardless of how terrible it actually was. One of my sister's friends even called me an Egg. Which made me completely angry! Which was never true for me. I still listen to American music. I do not wish I was Japanese nor do I wish I lived in Japan. I am 100% happy being American. I am completely consumed in everything American and can't imagine living anywhere else. But a vast majority of Japanese fans are like that. How do I know? Practically every friend I ever made friends with because they liked Japanese music also, where straight up Japanophiles. Case and point, I was at Japanese restaurant. Where my friends go to ALL the time. My and my friends literally go there like 2 or 3 times a week, I might add. It was my first time there and first time eating Japanese food. But, I knew I wouldn't like it. I don't like rice, fish, beans, or most vegetables, so it was pretty obvious. I tried some of my friends miso soup because there was no way I was going to buy something I most likely wasn't going to like. So, I had a spoonful. And no offence to anyone, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. And I will never forget her response. "I knew you weren't going to like it. Miso soup is an acquired taste." And of course my response was. "There's no such thing as an acquired taste. That just means you're forcing yourself to like it because it's Japanese" Which she completely was. (This was also anime girl btw. XD) And this has to be why a lot of fans WILL NOT accept international 48 groups. And as hard as it is for people to accept that, this is a much bigger reason that people do or want to realize. There are people out there who only like Japanese things. Only eat Japanese food. Only listen to Japanese music. Only wear Japanese like clothes. And think Japan is the best country in the world. Believe me they exist, I know a few. Thankfully not to such and obsessive annoying degree, but they are like that. So, with that mind set, the global 48 groups would, no matter what, automatically be worse than the Japanese one. It would be a horrible rip off that should never exist, because it's very existence is brining down the original Japanese one. Which is absolutely ludicrous!

The second reason of course being, that 48 groups would never last in the west. Of course that out come is possible. But honestly, with the right producing and promotion anything could happen. Yes, Japanese idol culture does not exist in any shape or form in the US. It's closest equivalent, Dinsey artists, aren't anything near what an idol is. But obvious if the music was altered from idol music, and transformed into what is popular in that country they'd have a real shot. Such as the US would have a hip hop, autotuned, sexy, vibe. Where as a country in Europe would have a more techno infused dance song.
But not even that, there are some US artists that are making essentially cutesy "idol" music. Katy Perry released the relatively cute sounding song, California Gurls, with an even cuter youthful almost idol looking music video. And a song like Teenage Dream with lyrics about teenage love, that lyrically sounds like something AKB48 would release. Yet, she's a legit artist. How about Taylor Swift? Despite being 20 her music is mostly poorly written songs geared toward teenage girls. I mean, try and tell me You Belong With Me, Fifteen, and Love Story aren't written like and for a fourteen year old girl. And how about the Jonas Brothers? Yes, they are disney stars, but they were still able to break away from that a bit. But listen to songs like Hello Beautiful, Got Me Going Crazy, Infatuation, Lovebug, Pushing Me Away don't sound like they could be JE songs? I mean lyrically they are the same caliber that Johnny's songs are. And if you can't see that, you're obviously really biased. The Jonas Brother's idol-esque lyrics are the main reason I got into them in the first place.

Another reason people think they might fail is because of the whole school girl uniform type outfits. Which is completely true in a sense. I don't know about any other country, but here in the US school uniforms aren't really that common. In the US only catholic schools and prep schools wear uniforms. So that's only about half the country, if not less. In Japan they are a big deal socially since every student in every school wears uniforms. But any outfit could become accepted. Remember Gwen Stefani's whole Harajuku Girls phase? That was weird and Japanese but accepted. And if people accept Lady Gaga wearing dresses made out of meat and condoms, I think school uniforms could become accepted. It could also become a fashion trend. If military, navy, and freaking beige can be popular trends in fashion now, why can't school girl outfits? However, since it is the US the only way school girl outfits would fly is if they were sexy or at least a little bit flirty. Remember a few months back when that Mexican group used the music for AKB48's Beginner? Remember how sexy and revealing their outfits were? Yeah, that's almost what USA48 would look like.

The 3rd reason obviously being they are teenage girls. 48 groups, minus SDN48, are teenage girls, and regardless of the country they would stay teenage girls. It might fly in Japan for teenage girls too dances around in bikinis, run around in lingerie, take photo shoots wearing bra and panties, and sometimes singing about having sex with adult, it definitely won't fly in the US. People would be up in arms in no time. Looking sexually at anyone under the age of 18 is extremely frowned upon. And AKB48's whole appeal is sexualizing their school girl image, which would not be allowed to be done. Do you remember how much heat Miley Cyrus got for pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards when she did? For USA48 to even be allowed to happen it would have to be completely reformatted, or it would have to be based off of SDN48 instead of AKB48.

Even though global 48 groups would have to be intricately designed to appeal to their specific country, I actually think they could in fact be popular. But much like any artist or group, it's all about selling it correctly. And I can see things like janken tournaments and senbatsu elections being really popular. As well as the idols you can meet concept being a huge fan favorite. And who knows, if all goes well we could see sister groups. Such as NYC48, LSA48, ATL48, CGO48, etc.


Unknown said...

I don't understand the concept of having 48 of anything. It always felt like too much. I seriously can only recognize 5 AKB girls and I only know 2 by names >.<
Imagine the headache you'll get from trying to learn the names of all the USA48-ers...

On another note though, it's good that you're not into Miso Soup. I believe, if made correctly, it's just chicken flavoring and water. Overconsumption of artificial chicken flavor causes early brain damage. You better stay away from miso soup if you plan to learn all the USA48-er's names!


Maiko said...

Well I agree with most of what you say except the 3rd reason. That's only because most of the front girls for AKB are now 18+. SO they might be more acceptable. Plus AKB didn't start off like that......

Lila said...

Hmm...I pretty much agree with almost everything that you've said, but they would definetly have to completely reformat AKB48's style depending on the country they were trying to infiltrate.
I think one of the big things against them would be the talent factor. And by saying this I am in no way saying that AKB48 is untalented there are plenty of talented girls in the group and I don't want to come off as a hater for saying this.
But, I really think that in the United States their is a level of polish (?) or rather presentation that it required from the more mainstream artists. For example, artists here (at least in the mainstream) are expected to have a certain level of vocal talent (and possibly dance skill depending on the genre), they are also expected to be able to perform live, and if they can't they are often scandalized for having poor skills (ex. Christina messing up during the anthem at the Super Bowl, Black Eyed Peas having live issues during the same event, etc.). They don't put as much of an emphasis on the girls having a nice personality, as they do in Japan, it really (at least in my opinion) often comes down to sheer musical talent.
That isn't to say that a 48 group couldn't work but I think they would have to do a much more rigourous audition, where the girls were more musically talented, and prepared for the stage with a much stronger presentation.
That is of course only if their intention of being mainstream, the only other way I could see them performing and keeping some remenant of their original identity would to be to have the identity of the something like a "crew" kind of EXILE-ish, and they could perform more as solely a theater unit rather than attempting to break into the mainstream music scene. Having this kind of more theater based unit would make having all 48 girls in the group seem reasonable at least I think it would.
My final problem with the 48group would be the music, I mean if they are going to maintain the cute-bubbly idol songs, it would be more conducive to have a group of younger girls/teenagers in the group but pop bands of this sort don't really work here anymore. I mean the closest thing recently would have to Pussycat Dolls (they were sort of more Nicole and glorified background dancers...) but they have a sexier image and are also older, so I guess basing it off of SDN48 would work but they would need a different type of material from the typical idol song AKB tends to give. Maybe something like beginner but a bit edgier.
But at any rate I really would like see any asian artist make it into the mainstream of the USA music market, even though it can be fairly close minded to the foreign, but hey with right material and proper promotion anything is possible :) So to end this on a less serious note, I would definetly support a 48group being formed in any country.

Ahhhh!!! I wrote way too much, hope you don't mind the essay :P

AimxAim said...

@Serené Lin: When I wasn't an AKB48, I always thought it was too much. But it doesn't really bother me. The 48 groups have so many members to boost popularity and income for the company. But I think it's fun never really knowing who's going to be in the next single.
I can remember about 35 girls names by memory. It would take me like 10 mintues to remember the rest. USA48 would be a lot easier to remember, since they'd have names I recognize. Foreign names are a lot harder to remember.

Wow, seriously? I thought miso soup was soy bean soup. And artifical chicken causes brain damage? Geez. XD I'll stay away from miso soup anyway. Lol.

AimxAim said...

@Maiko: Of course most of the front girls are 18 and up, they've been in AKB48 for years now, some since the beginning. But Watanabe Mayu is only 16 and Matsui Jurina is only 13. I know she's in SKE48, but she's been in almost every AKB48 A-side since Oogoe Diamond.

And even though AKB48 didn't start that way, USA48 would. Because in the US there are hardly any cutesy groups, they are all sexualized. Which is what I was trying to say. XD

AimxAim said...

@Lila: I'm glad you agree. :]
And I totally agree with what you said about sining. I completely forgot all about then when I was writing this. Nearly everyone in the US is expected to be great singers. So, I'm sure USA48 would be good singers too. It's just one of the things Aki-P would just have to cahnge to adapt to the US. (Christina's scandal was forgetting the words, no singing badly. Plus she completely brought it at the Grammys. Sorry, I just think she's an amazing singer. Lol. XD I did't see the Black Eyed Peas though. I hate football and didn't watch the game. XD)
The personality thing I also agree on. I hardly know anything about my favorite American artists because they are hardly ever one TV! American singers are only in the spotlight when they are releasing, holding concerts, in a movie, etc. AKB48 are on TV every day. Or Week? Is AKBINGO daily or weekly? I'm not sure. XD
But it is not always down to vocal ability. It is based on vocal ability to an extent. But it really mostly comes down to looks, style, and singing the style of music that is popular at the time.
Artsit like Christina Aguilera and Beyonce are mind blowing live. But I heard Katy Perry, Ke$ha, and Shakira sing live and I wanted to punch things. XD
USA48 would never just be theater based. That's not what Aki-P wants. He wants them in the mainstream spreading the Japanese culture. I don't listen to Exile, so I don't get what you mean by their crew style. It would be extremely helpful if you explained it to me. :]
USA48 would never make bubbly pop music. They would make the style that's popular in the US. Think Ke$ha's Tik Tok with 48 people. Or Lady Gaga, or Bruno Mars, etc. I was totally thinking they could be like The Pussycat Dolls. I can completely see them singing a song like Buttons. As for the lead singer thing, that won't be a problem. There are hardly ever solo lines in AKB48 songs. It's mostly the groups singing together. So, USA48 would probably be the same. And Beginner would do so well here. Lyric wise. It would have to be a bit more danceable for the US's tastes.
If USA48 made it in the US it wouldn't be an Asian artist though. XD But, I get what you're saying. And I would support a 48 group in any country too! If they made a Poland48, I'd listen to it! XD

And I don't mind that you wrote a lot. You had a lot on your mind. I like when people are so intrigued by what I write, they write long comments. <3

Asupon said...

I agree with you fully especially with 1st reason.

With the 1st reason when you mention your friends how they were Japanopites I have friends like that and I will admit I was like that at one time too. And man it was so stupid how I acted and how I see others act like that. I mean come out the Japanese culture is cool to a point but sometimes it kills me how overuse it is. Now on the subject with the AKB48 and Global48 thing. I love AKB48 to pieces and I also would love to see the worldwide 48 revolution happen. Just the other thing that worries me is the success and attention will bring. But like you said if it was production correctly & if USA48 was to happen I hope their image will be americanize but just in better way they we got something awesome there. LOL I also had a dream that 48 group was form in US and it was insane but I hope it happens! :)

AimxAim said...

@Asuka: I'm glad you agree. :]

My friends weren't japanophiles they still are. XD But not to such a high degree. And for an extremely breif period of time, I acted like that too. But then I realized how annoying I was.
I like Japanese culture a lot, but that's my hobby. I still like American culture why more than I could ever like Japanese. And why do you say it's overused? Besides anime,sushi, and karaoke I hardly ever see it mentioned in the US.

If USA48 happened I could see a lot of people being up in arms over how sexualized AKB48 is. Because it would be bound to come up eventually. And that might bring USA48 down a bit. Exactly. If USA48 is just marketed correctly it could be a hit!
Lol. Awesome dream. I hope it happens too. <3

(And sorry for the late reply. I didn't even see your comment until today. m(_ _)m )

-the plastic polliwog- said...

Haha, not to creep or anything, but I was on your blog for a picture and I saw this and I couldn't resist...

You're totally right about the first point - the Japanophiles and such - but I think your assessment of Asian groups' ability to succeed [as in, become widely popular and part of the mainstream] in the west is a tad off. First, I don't think the sexualizing of teenagers would affect their popularity negatively - it would probably only help. Yes, there might be a little controversy, but, really, so much of our culture is sexualized anyway.

Even so, I don't really think that a 48 group would very likely to succeed in the west, at least not in the near future. Part of it is their image, but not just on the superficial "they wear school girl uniforms" level. It's that Asian idol groups have an entirely different sort of appeal than popular artists in west. They're deisgned and marketed differently, a difference that reflects the cultural differences between the east and the west. I mean, a 48 member girl group in the U.S.? That would never happen. You do mention that there isn't really a popular equivalent of idols in the U.S., but then mention that similar music is produced here. To which I say, it's not about the music at all. I've heard plenty of Asian songs that could totally make it here, but, well, they haven't.

It's not just the image, either. BoA and other Asian artists have tried marketing themselves as American-style artists [which would be much more difficult for the 48 girls, anyway] while producing American-style music. The Wonder Girls even opened for the Jonas Brothers. While they have expanded their fan bases here and even headlined concerts, none have them have actually made it big - as in, become household names, or at least entered the mainstream. Not to say they didn't have any success at all - BoA is a good example, and I think some Korean artist played in Madison Square Garden - but if you ask your average American who BoA is, he's probably not going to know. Which is probably why she went back. [Disclaimer: I've only heard two songs by BoA, so I don't know if she's the best example for this.]

Maybe this doesn't hold as much for Europe [I live in the U.S. so I wouldn't know], but I really just think that the American mainstream isn't quite ready to accept Asian groups. We barely even listen to American-Asian artists. Sure, once in a while some mainstream magazine or newspaper [or, more likely, website] will have an article on some Asian artist [and even then they're usually Korean, just because there are so many more Koreans here, probably because the Japanese are less likely to emigrate - another disadvantage for a 48 group], and this is definitely a step towards wider acceptance, but wider acceptance won't happen overnight. Who knows, maybe globalization and such will speed the process up, but I still feel like it will be a while before we have an Asian group playing regularly on a Top 40 station.

On a side note, I feel like waiting for the natural expansion of their popularity from people spreading the word is more efficient than trying to market themselves specifically to the West, anyway. Plenty of people whom I befriended for other things actually do listen to and fangirl/boy over Asian groups [mostly Korean, but still]. And the entertainment companies didn’t even have to waste extra money to get these fans :)

Wah, that was a lot longer than I planned for it to be. Haha, sorry! But that was fun :)

AimxAim said...

Lol. It's not creepy at all.

I do realize how sexualized American culture and Western culture is, but they still do not like when teenagers are sexualized. There is a lot of controversy surrounding those artists and it even hurts their careers a bit. Miley Cyrus's has been at a standstill since Can't Be Tamed. And because of the backlash Taylor Momsen gets her band has never been mainstream. So, it's really 50/50 if it would be a big deal.

I don't think idol groups not making it here has anything to do with them being idols. Of course they would tweak the group's idol format to fit what's popualr in the West. Which is why I said if they changed the group to fit the US, only music would be the problem. Yes, there are Asian songs that could make it here, but a majority of Asian artist don't try because it's too difficult. But a global 48 wouldn't be Asian at all. It would be filled with girls from the country they are from. Like American, Mexican, Italian, etc. And the music would be written in their native language as well. The group is being based off a Japanese group. It's not going to be the actual group debuting in foreign countries. So, the group's success or failure has nothing to do with Asian artists success or failure in the West.

There are very good reasons why BoA and the Wonder Girls failed here. BoA did try to make music for the US, but she wasn't ready for the US at all. Her English was not at a high enough level for Americans to take her seriously. That mixed with the fact that she had nearly 0 promotion for her album and her songs weren't very good lyrics wise.
The Wonder Girls actually could have been popular here. Their English was pretty good, they opened for The Jonas Brothers, and they knew their fanbase. But pretty much after their concert with JB they stopped promoting here. They went back to Korea, and made a new single in 3 versions for the Korean, Chinese, and American. However, since they have been focusing basically 100% on the Asian markets and have yet to do anything else on American soil. Americans are very fickle. Because Japanese rock band Dir en grey had a lot of success in the US. And they sang in Japanese. They headlined tours and were on American television. And when they were actually popular Americans knew who they were. At least the people at my school did. So, it's pretty random when an Asian artist is going to be popular. I also think Korean artist Se7en had a real shot of making it here. But they pulled him out of the US just when he started getting played on BET. And just when he could have become popular.

That's completely why Asian artists aren't popular here. Not even artists Asian actors aren't even popular here. And I honestly have no idea why. Every other race is widely accepted in the US, except for Asians. We must have a small amount of Asians in the US or something. It will be a while before an Asian artsit is really popular here or on the Top 40. Well, if you mean actual foreign Asians and not The Far East Movement. XD However, that has nothing to do with an American version of AKB48.

But they aren't trying to market themselves to the West. They would be a completely new group, and them being based off of AKB48 would be an after thought. If they did become popular, I bet a majority of Americans wouldn't even know they were based off an Asian group.
And your friends and my friends might like Asian music, but that still only makes a small chunk of Americans that actually like Asian music. It's probably only something like 5-15% of Americans that like Asians music. And of those who do like Asian artsit, a lot of them are Asian Americans. So, to have an Asian artist popular here they would have to promote the A LOT.

That's ok. I don't mind long posts. Pretty much everyone posted long posts on this. I made this post to get people talking. :] Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Natalie (DSQ) said...

If I may comment on how it would work in the uk. The uniform thing would be fine for us and we have had one group like an idol group before (but aimed at kids) called sclub jrs. They had there own TV show and everything.

The main issue over here would be the 48's dependence on consumerism and to a minor degree the bikini's.

Heavy rotation, no way would work here. Much to risky, the only way it could work would be with no U18's any where near it. Swimsuits fine but the UK not as obsessed with high school culture that it would let suff like that fly as being innocent. (we are more obessed with 20-30's youth culture).

Also in the uk musicions rarely get away with seeming inauthintic or exsisting purely to make money like idols do. The exseption being the Spice Girls. If a LND48 were to work they would have to focus on the girls love of performing and music to get people not to get to uptight about the blatent consumerism going on.

But the biggest issue would be if the member were all around 15-25, focusing on the 15-18 yr olds it would take alot of work to make them mainstream. You lose your 20+ers when you remind them that these girls are kids.

AimxAim said...

Would it? Do they wear uniforms in school a lot in the UK? I have actually never heard of S Club Jrs. However, I used to LOVE S Club 7 back in the day. Off topic, but that totally made me nostalgic. XD

I don't think Heavy Rotation would work anywhere outside of Japan. Unless they group was made of 18-20 year olds. But then people would probably complain about all the old pervy fans. XD I think America is the same on that. Besides TV shows, no one really cares about high school culture. Unless the music, etc, is specifically aimed at tweens or teens.

It's sad to say, but I think America is the opposite in tha regard. I don't think Americans care that their music is commercial, generic, or inauthintic. 9/10 of American mainstream music has absolutely no meaning. It's sad really. It kinda makes me envious that the UK takes music so seriously. However, I don't think idol groups and serious music really mix. Unless they made songs along the lines of the few mature songs AKB48 has.

That's actually a main reason idol groups don't really work outside of Japan. And why most people who aren't Japanese, or living in Asia, don't understand what idol culture is. My family still think the ONLY people who like idol music are Japanese businessmen. XD That's why I think for countries America or countries in the UK they need to make it based on SDN48, for it to even work. They would have to be 20-30 for anyone but teenagers to take them seriously.

Natalie (DSQ) said...

lol we don't take music that seriously! xD

But I can really effect your sucsess if you seem manufactured from what I've seen. The music doesn't have to *mean* anything but we can't know that the singer thinks that as well. xD

That why xfactor type show winners over here are really only one hit wonders (exception being leona lewis, you can't ignore that voice and Girls Aloud)

I mean people like katy perry are still poplar over here but she wouldn't be nearly as popular if the record company were transparent about how manufactured she really is.

Uniforms of some type have always been worn over here. But resently blazers have come back into fashion. Not all schools have them but I'd say most do.

Sclubjr were awesome! There song Fool No More ( -- note they where also called sclub8) has been stuck in my head for like the last 10 years xD I never knew sclub7 were popular in the states tho, thats really cool!

AimxAim said...

Oh, lol. Well you made it seem like you did. ><

That doesn't really make sense to me. Wouldn't you know the singer knows it's meaningless from the lyric contents? Like I'm sure even Katy Perry knows the song California Girls is meaningless. Even if she said it wasn't, everyone knows it is. Kind of like that I guess.

That's pretty much how X Factor type shows are here really. The people who don't win usually do better. XD (Leona Lewis was pretty much a one-hit wonder here. XD And I've never heard of Girls Aloud. ><)

But doesn't the fact that she is obviously manufactured effect people's opinions of her? Over here no one says she's manufactured, but everyone knows she is. But still most people gobble up her music anyway. I prefer music with more meaning. And because of that there are hardly any American singers/groups that I'm more than just a casual fan of. :/

Oh, I had no idea. Most school in the US don't have to wear them. Blasers are pretty popular here too.

The songs not bad, the main girls singing have good voices.
Yeah they were pretty popular here. Not Spice Girls popular, but popular. They played their TV show in the US too, I used to watch it like everyday! XD I remember that they were also bringing the one over that was filmed in Spain or something but I was getting to old for them and didn't watch it. XD

Natalie (DSQ) said...

"That doesn't really make sense to me. Wouldn't you know the singer knows it's meaningless from the lyric contents? Like I'm sure even Katy Perry knows the song California Girls is meaningless. Even if she said it wasn't, everyone knows it is. Kind of like that I guess."

I guess what I mean is... people can see that her music is pretty empty. But they would be turned off by people who are as open about it as Idols are.

So by katy not admiting how little she has to do with the music people can still pretend she thinks her music is good.

Where as people who come up though xfactor clearly are musicly bankrupt xD

You are better off not knowing who girls aloud are, they are pretty crap >D

But yeah I prefer music with meaning.

AimxAim said...

Oh, ok, I get what you are saying now. I guess that's true in a sense. But it would probably be the same thing that happened in the boy bands and girl groups era. They were pretty much manufactured and marketed just like idol groups are, but that didn't really stop them from being huge acts all over the world.

You keep saying pretty bad things about the X Factor, I actually think the X Factor looks like a pretty cool show. And I've actually been pretty excited for the American version that is going to air this Fall. Now, I'm not so sure if I'm going to end up watching it. ><

Lol ok. Then I won't even bother looking them up.

Yeah, me too. But it's pretty hard to find music that's not about partying, drinking, sex, or how awesome they are. Lol. XD

Natalie (DSQ) said...

Yeah xfactor is really popular over here and It is kinda cool to see people rise up though the ranks but... I dunno i think what turns me off is that the people who enter the show are more in it for fame rather than any love of music.

But it is pretty much the same as american Idol and does this really cool thing during the finals where they get a a celebrity (rihanna and beyonce have been on before) to sing a duet with a finalist. That my fav part but otherwise it isn't my thing.

I think it would be really cool if idols could work in the UK or the US and they were young Idols to but if the disney model is anythng to go by it will never happen.

But somehow I don't think AKIP will find any franchise parters in the US tbh. Did you see the list of rules you had to follow in order to get a 48 group?

They *had* to have school uniform, the *had* to be mostly teenagers and all songs had to be written by akip. The man isn't very good at writing songs in english, from what i've seen.