Friday, December 10, 2010

Johnny wants to know your favorite artist

I opened my email today and got my December newsletter from Johnny's International. If there are fans out there that still don't know what that is, it's a Johnny's newsletter written in English. Basically it tells you who's the guest on Tackey CHANnel, who's having a concert, general JE updates, and they are starting out their international ticket sales. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here.

Anyway, I got my email today and the second piece of news said to tell us your favorite Johnny's artist. They asked to cancel my email delivery and re-register with my favorite artist or group.

Here's what I submitted.

When they asked for favorite artist I was 100% going to put my favorite Johnny's artist, Nishikido Ryo. But then I started to think why JE asked my favorite artist in the first place. And honestly it could pretty much only be for 2 reasons.

The first reason being, Johnny wants to know which artist is most popular with foreign fans, or perhaps which JE artist is popular in a specific country. Maybe for possible overseas concerts or maybe even debut. Hey after all, Jin is debuting in the US, Tegomass debuted in Sweden and Arashi was just featured on Peruvian TV recently. Stranger things have happened. It can't just be to count how many foreign fans they have because that's what the email service is probably mostly for in the first place. Come on Johnny open up a Hawaiian fanclub and tour, it works for H!P. Then we can get Alo-Hello JE. Sporadic AnAn shoots and Hey! Say! JUMP's recent magazine shoot in Hawaii aren't really enough shameless Johnny's shirtless photos.

The second reason is more mundane, and most likely the reason they asked, they want to personalize your newsletter. This way they'll be able to keep you updated on your favorite group's or artist's every move, to shell out the maximum money. And to tell you when international tickets are available for your favorite artist. I mean if you selected Yamada Ryosuke, you'll get updates about him, Hey! Say! JUMP, and NYC. Which is why I selected NEWS instead of Ryo-chan. I love Ryo-chan and I love NEWS, but Kanjani8 not so much. And I don't want constant updates about Kanjani8. I also really wanted to put Hey! Say! JUMP, because my love for JUMP and NEWS is almost even. But NEWS has been and always will be my favorite JE group. if they're one of the least popular groups or not.

The newsletter also says you don't have to change, which means you'll probably get the same general newsletter as before. And if neither or these things don't happen, what was the point of this? If they aren't using this information for something, why ask? I doubt at the top of the newsletter it will now say your favorite artist is Arashi, or Tanaka Koki, or NYC, or Tadayoshi Ohkura. I mean, I think you know your own favorite artist. But there has to be some sort of reason Johnny wants to know.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you like NEWS, too????
SO COOL!!!!!!!!!
I love them!!!
They are soooooo great!!!!!!
I would choose them, too!!!!!!!
NEWS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koko =)

AimxAim said...

Yeah, NEWS is the best JE group in my opinion. They are great.<3 I just wish they were a litte more popular.

Anonymous said...

Hey, may I ask how long you've been signed up to this newsletter? Is it 100% free because these rules confuse me: 'Please note that a free E-mail account may cause mail delivery failure.' and 'There is no registration fee except any communication expenses.' I love JE, especially NEWS, but I have no money what's so ever to support a newsletter. T-T Oh, and this means that don't give out your e-mail, right?: Please note that we do not distribute e-mail regularly. Sorry for the flood of questions, I just want to be 100% sure. Thanks in advance! <3

AimxAim said...

I've been signed up to this newsletter for a couple months now. Maybe 3 or 4 months maximum.
It's completely free, I haven't been charged. It's just a newsletter. It's pretty much like when you go on an band or artists official website and sign up for their newsletter. I've never heard of anyone charging for a newsletter. And if it did cost money they would ask for a credit card or address so they could bill or charge you. Which they don't.

They might mean that only Email accounts that are paid for can recive the email. Not like free yahoo, MSN, or AIM ones. But I have no idea.I use my AOL email and I get them just fine.

The newsletter is monthly, so maybe that's what they mean. You don't get an email reguarly, or everyday, and just get it monthly.

It's ok, I don't mind answering questions. :]