Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Momusu finally makes an interesting dance shot

Some one out there in H!P must have been listening to me, because Morning Musume released a green dance version for Kimagure Princess. And I gotta say, I'm completely in love with it. The members switching/mashed up dance sequences were probably my favorite part of the entire Kimagure Princess PV. I'm so impressed by this edit that if they decided to pull a Resonant Blue, and just released this as the official version I'd be happy.

It really does take very little to impress me. But come on, can anyone really argue that this isn't the most creative dance shot Morning Musume has ever had? I hardly ever watch H!P dance shot versions because much like the regular Kimagure Princess dance shot version, they're boring. There's never much reason to watch dance shots anyway. Unless you want to seriously learn the dance, or the dance is spectacular. And since neither is true in my case, Kimagure's green dance version is probably the first H!P dance shot I've watched from beginning to end. There's finally something going on to keep my attention on a dance shot for more than minute and a half.

It might seem pointless to go on this much about a dance shot, but tell me this isn't full of win.