Saturday, August 15, 2009

A graduation I don't care about

I stopped blogging the past couple days to fidget with some HTML on my blog. I needed to add a contact section to my blog, and voilà I did. Since I'm terrible at HTML it ended up being very plain looking. I'll try to find a code to make it look snazzier at a later time, because believe it or not that code took me like 2 hours to do. I fail at life. XD This pointless blog update was just to tell you this post, and my next few ones are late news. But better late that never!

Hello!Project Eggs/Ongaku Gatas members Noto Arisa and Sawada Yuri will be graduating from Hello!Project Eggs to join Up-Front Eggs. However Noto Arisa will continue to be a member of Ongaku Gatas.

I guess Yuri and Arisa realized they were never going to be put in a group that's massively popular and gives them a chance to shine, so they decided to focus on being talents. Which doesn't really effect me in anyway. This is probably the first H!P graduation I don't care about what so ever. I don't even know who these girls are. I remember Arisa from the Gatas PVs, but I can't remember Yuri at all. Mostly because I don't really follow Ongaku Gatas. I like the group because KonKon's in it, and that's it. Here's seriously how Ongaku Gatas looks to me: KONKON!, Yossie, Risa, Hitomi, other girls who get the privilege to sing with KonKon. Which basically means, I could care less about the other members.

I wasn't really sad that Erika left, and yet I still hope for the best in her career. But Arisa and Yuri, not so much.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Ongaku Gatas was the same for me!!! It was like YEAH KONKON'S GROUP. PFFFF OG seriously had a lack of Konkon. Too much Ishiyoshi there.

AimxAim said...

Well they are the most popular members, so it was pretty much expected to be like that.
They really need to spread the KonKon love though! At least Come Together had a nice amount of her.