Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Musume arrives in Korea

Morning Musume member Risa, Ai, LinLin, and Reina arrived in Korea today for the taping of DaeDong Kyung Youths, or better know as the Korean Hello!Project/Mnet auditions. The taping of the audition start on April, 27th and the show itself airs sometime in mid-May. ChanSung and JunHo of 2PM are going to be MC's for the Korean auditions. The 2PM members are going to meet with the 4 Morning Musume member on April 27th.

Risa, Ai, Reina, and LinLin look really great at the airport, as expected. But they also look really fashionable. Risa is rocking a Coach back and Reina is rocking a Louis Vuitton bag. Ai's bag is also designer, but I'm not sure which one. LinLin doesn't have a bag, but she makes it up with her adorable top.


Radreview said...

Interesting these auditions are taped and broadcast. Great idea!

AimxAim said...

H!P has always taped and broadcasted their auditions. They even brodcasted the recent Taiwan auditions. But I think this one might turn out to be more entertaining. :]

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